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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by gabixxx, Aug 31, 2008.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm facing a weird problem I noticed and I would need a solution from someone who's been there, done that ...

    The question is: How can I trick myself into believing that I need to make more money than I already am making ? Should be like a real need, if I don't make 5 figures this month I'm fucked kind of thing ...

    Some explanations .. I've noticed it all around at my friends that make money online at first, that everyone of them , after making some constant amount of money online that guarantees a decent living , they lose all their energy , focus that drove them to make money in the first place... and I hate to admit it but I have the same problem.

    Whenever I learn something new and I'm excited about it, I start doing it, make some money, than get bored , take less action , make less money from it..

    So ...

    Has anyone experienced this kind of problem .. and know a way to overcome this ?
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    May 19, 2008
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    Why trick yourself?

    Actually put yourself a situation where you DO NEED to make that money.

    Get into debt with some mobsters.
    Quit your job.
    Burn some un-necessary bridges.

    I wouldn't necessarily suggest that, but if you are talking about desperate.

    Desperation is the best motivation.
    I've put myself into some dire DO OR DIE situations, It worked-but it was scary as fuck...

    Or, Try some NLP. Its some good shit.

    I HIGHLY recommend this book:

    "NLP: The New Technology Of Achievement"
    by NLP Comprehensive, Steve Andreas, and Charles Faulkner

    That will get you going :D
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    Jun 30, 2008
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    I struggle with the same thing too. Once I get something going and get a few results I get lazy. Last month, I made mid $XXX with an affiliate program. It was my first month applying something I read here. I was so stoked. This month, I'm at $XX. It's partly not my fault as one of the places I was applying the method wised up. But, I should have been striving for other streams and sources and it wouldn't have happened.

    Do you have any goals that will help motivate you? Fancy vacation coming up, want a house, new car, etc? I'm using all my extra BH $$ to dig my way out of debt, and that's motivation enough most days. Sometimes though, I'm just not as motivated as I should be. Good luck!
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    Aim to get richer than Bill Gates. That should get you going.