Unreadable Spun Content, Does it Matter?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by xPWN1t, Jun 14, 2011.

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    I'm wondering if the unreadability of spun content could have a bad affect. Sometimes after an article is spun a few whole sentences don't make sense. Now since people are coming to the site from the search engine for content, is it going to matter that they can't understand the content or will I make just as much from ad clicks and affiliate marketing compared to using original content?
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    You're putting bad content on your site or just posting these articles to directories? If you're posting to you site that would lower the validity of your page(s). Posting to directories shouldn't matter, if you can get them accepted.

    You most likely will get a few clicks but I can't say how much because that's hard to determine without doing research on the niche, ad placement, traffic, etc.
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    Yeah it depends... If you're posting crappy articles directly to your site it will definitely affect affiliate conversions (as good content should be preselling your aff offers)! If you're just going for AdSense clicks it won't affect as much, and believe it or not it won't affect at all in some niches. Course TheRealRazzy is right in saying that other factors come into play here too, especially ad placement.....

    How are you monetizing?