Unnatural Links Penalty - Reconsideration Request to Recover Your Rankings

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    I've been hit with the Unnatural Links penalty 1 month ago and lost my main websites.
    The one hit hardest had 400 links/day from a well known service offered on the WF and it is no longer even in top 10 pages of G.

    However, 2 of my sites are now dancing from pages 2-4.

    1 of them has actually been seen on the bottom of page 1 (it used to rank position #2).
    The other one never had a formal penalty sent because it didn't have the Webmaster Tools code embedded but has obviously been penalized and is dancing.

    I feel that a Reconsideration Request Approval is the best way to recover my rankings at this point.


    Because I've been hit with the Manual Penalty before and that site danced from pages 4-7 exactly like these sites are doing now (dancing from 2-4).

    No matter how many back-links that were sent to this site, it still would dance and ONLY recovered rankings once a reconsideration request was approved.

    Many claim that the Unnatural Links Penalty was algo based because of the 800k sites that were hit. This is probably true.
    However, it seems like in some cases it may be best to get the request approval from Google to officially recover your rankings from the ULP.

    Do to this could be near impossible since most of us have no control over our links that came for ALN or other blog networks that we don't own and service providers will not remove links from.

    It is easy to say "keep building links and you'll recover".
    I think this is easier said then done, especially for some sites that were seriously hit.

    My question is:

    Has anyone submitted a reconsideration request (for the Unnatural Links Penalty) and have been approved without actually removing their links?

    I understand Google wants us to state what links we cannot control, but will this help our case to recover from the ULP?

    Thanks in advance to any and all opinions shared. :)
    Together we can overcome the beatings from the beast!