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Unlisted Method and SEO Questions

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by random011, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. random011

    random011 Junior Member

    Jun 17, 2016
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    I've been using the unlisted method for a few months now . Sometimes it works and ranks me for high competition keywords but it doens't last long , only a few videos are still ranked and keep getting attention for some reason. ( The reason why I use the unlisted method is because when I buy views it takes them about 12 hours to start , so having my video up , getting 10 views per hour or less , compared to my other videos that have thousands upon thousands of views doesn't make sense . Ive spent a lot of money on views but I don't get very good results. )

    So, if the unlisted method doesn't work , what does ?

    I have been thinking of buying a shit load of seo for my channel itself , ranking it on the first page of google for avarage keywords. That way people can find my channel with all of its videos rather than wasting money on backlinks for a single video.

    Does any of you know what else works on youtube nowadays ?

    I also have a few questions :

    Do backlinks affect YOUTUBE search ?
    Does social media attention such as twitter RTs, shares, google shares , facebook likes affect youtube search ?
    Basically what affects youtube search NOT GOOGLE SEARCH ?

    Also , I know this is out of context but I've been thinking of something else. My facebook page already has about 8K likes and gets 10-30 legit likes every week . If I buy A SHIT LOAD of likes for my facebook page , will that affect facebook SEO , ranking my page higher , aka more traffic ?