unlimited or up to 499 mega per file video hosting


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Jul 22, 2009
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Hi guys

I'm looking for video hosting site where I can host my videos.
Mostly they are tv shows. You tube allow only on max 10min per file . Vimeo allows 500 mb per account but user need to wait to watch this :/ grr... I tried to upload to video. google but couldn't find hwo to. Meaby they disabled this feature for youtube or sth...

Please help me to find good video hosting coz I will spend like 3 days on testing each one :(

I love you and thank you so much..

I have a couple of defunct tube sites on cirtexhosting.com, they are pretty decent and have a oneclick install for clipshare? i think? its one of the decent tube scripts... the prices are pretty good too, but the service is "spotty" not horrible, but it does bog down every once and a while.
hmm.. I was talking about hosting just for videos.. but I will check this also. Thank you.

Still looking for more !
blip.tv, and there's these chinese ones you could try, can't remember the name atm.
thanks a lot ruler0fall - I'm testing them at the moment. If you find the name of this Chinese one please pm me or post here :) ( I would be honest with ya - I prefer chinese ones coz as we know they won't delete video because of some reports or sth :D )

Thank you and if anyone has other options which are worth to try please post :))

thanks I will test it later.

I will share with you what I found during my researches:


nice site,
good overview
what's out there - 60+ sites compared !
For me the only bad thing is that he did not include that in some sites like vimeo.coom users needs to wait to watch video(sux!) ( vimeo is the one of the few I tested )

- h
another site with compared videos . Good job.

Have a nice day to ya all.
Sorry I didn't realise that was what you were looking for, I ran into the same issue with something I was doing for work, we needed to get a training video sent out to some remote users, and we wanted a way to track to see if they did watch it, but I ran into the same problems you did with the 10 min limitation of youtube and the size limits elsewhere. So I ended up starting my own domain, and making my own limits, charged the company for it, and made some money.
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