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    Hey Guys,

    Been using a lot of methods I learned here at BHW, and tweeked some of them, to come up with this method for changing my IP at will. (Sorry if this has been said before)

    I have a Mac so the steps might be a lil different for a PC. But the IP Config -> IP Release/Renew should work.

    Here's what I do:

    ***I go to my local University and tap into their Wireless***
    - They're so big, they don't care what I do on their network.
    - They also have lots of public computers.....
    - You can use any open network
    - Some universities/networks require a login, the one I use does not. The bigger, the less likely to need a login.

    Do what I gotta do (CL, Digg, Etc.)

    Turn DHCP off (System Pref -> Config -> TCP/IP -> Drop Down Menu -> Off)

    Turn Airport Off

    Turn Airport On

    Renew DHCP.

    New IP Address.

    Also, I found that you can post on CL NSA one time for free w/ Unique email w/o them asking for PVA.

    You can do this in combination with a MAC address clone as well.

    Again, if someone already posted this method, I appologize, but figured I share it.