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    May 25, 2017
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    Hey guys! I have a problem. I know a way to get unlimited real likes and followers for free. Its just stuck at the last step.

    1) There is app called Neutrino+ on Android which is basically an exchange network for likes and follow.
    2) The beauty of this app is that you can put it on auto mode and forget about it. It will keep earning crystals (coins).
    3) The brilliant part about it is that you can transfer coins. So lets say I use Neutrino+ with one account that earns the coins, then I transfer these coins to the account that wants to receive likes. So far so good.
    4) I tried the app and one account on auto can mine about 4000 coins per day which converts to 1000 likes.
    5) While there are some bots, the app automatically bans people who haven't posted in 2 weeks. So automatically the likes are well controlled and genuine.

    Here is the target.
    1) I have over 20 accounts on IG which are aged and have over 30 posts. You can buy these easily from BHW itself for a few bucks a pop.
    2) I want to run 20 accounts on Neutrino+ via a proxy which I already have.
    3) This will result in 20,000 likes EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY.
    4) I will transfer these to my main account which will really go wild with this.

    The problem.
    1) The only way to run 20 accounts is to run then behind 4 proxies (5 accounts per proxy) which is okay.
    2) How do I run this setup on my computer?
    3) I thought of running BlueStacks with Parallel Space so that would result in 2 accounts running at a time but the proxy thing is being an issue. I tried Proxy Cap but no luck. While the browser goes via the IP, the app (Neutrino+) does not.

    How can we run multiple instances of Neutrino+ on a computer behind an IP?
    If this is achieved then every 24 hours you can get -
    1) 20,000+ genuine likes
    2) 3000+ genuine followers

    Please help! And let us all benefit from this.