unlimited Free xbox live 48 hour codes

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    Ok so i have seen a lot of threads about people wanting it.

    I am going it explain it to you so you wont have to pay fro xbox live again ;)

    STEP 1
    Make sure you are signed out on your xbox.
    STEP 2
    Change your local to japan in settings
    STEP 3
    create new profile
    STEP 4
    join xbox live you can create everything fake BUT the email address has to be @jp.com
    STEP 5
    when you are finished go to marketplace and download MONSTER HUNTER FRONTIER 5.
    STEP 6
    after download start it, you will see a bar where you have to enter characters, just enter them like 12345
    you have to decode it tho the captcha is in japanese. use this to decode
    enter the code normaly and click the bar under it.
    STEP 7
    the top code is your free trial. ENJOY

    These codes can be used one after the other on every account so use the code on the profile you want to use it on.

    For every code you have to create a new profile with the email ending with @jp.com

    Greets and enjoy.
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