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    Found this on another site, I have heard of this working before and before anybody says that Google will ban your site from indexing then they can think again because if this were true then you could easily wipe out your competitors sites by backlinking loads for them!

    Simply go to digg.com....go to pages that are older than 365 days guaranteed high page rank pages their...you can find some
    in the newer sections of digg too...But go to pages older than 365 days....click on the comments of these stories and take
    a look....Tell me what do you see...You will see high page rank pages....Most of them PR5 and up....Now all you do is
    make a comment and post your url and that's it...Your link is now on a
    high page rank page for free.....Now just search around and keep looking you will find some pages that are really really
    high page rank such as pr8, Pr7 and more....Usually you'll want to choose the ones with the most diggs because they will
    usually have higher page rank...Now shhhh keep this quiet because too many people doing this will lose its effectiveness...

    First go to digg.com
    2nd go to pages that are 365 days or older (some younger ones also have a decent PR)
    3rd post comment on high page rank pages with link in comment
    4...repeat and repeat...
    1 other thing to look out for is that you really need to be on the 1st page of the page you found so look for stuff with less than 50 comments to assure that you're on the 1st page.

    Hope you all see beneficial this could be for your site! I have read that for some accounts Digg is banning them for over excessive use with comments and links so just keep it simple and post between 10-15 per day and search out anythig that is relevant to your own site and has a high PR and you should do well and not get banned in the process. Results can/will be noticed in about a month and with any other stuff you're doing you could well be ranking on the 1st page of google like the big boys!
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    old, posted before and doesnt work anymore....