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hi ! buddy please give me any review copy

Check PM.

Just emailed you for an order

Thanks, we'll do our best.

Brother, Can I get a review copy?

Check PM.

Can I get a coupon code?

Sent in PM.

because of how specific my niche is Im requesting samples. not sure how backlinks will work for me atp

Answered in PM.
Diversify your backlink profile, drive more traffic, and get mentioned in niche-specific discussions to boost your E-A-Ts!
Review copy

I was fortunate to receive a review copy on Reddit. As usual, the seller was friendly and provided clear instructions. The first review link was posted, but unfortunately deleted before I had a chance to view it. However, the seller promptly made me another one. I patiently waited and monitored for it to naturally appear. If you are in search of fantastic Reddit links, I highly recommend checking with this seller as they can certainly assist you.
I received a review copy of the crowdo reddit links!

I would like to start by saying Stan is very professional and transparent!

TAT was as agreed on as always, content was written very human like and relates to the niche of the site.

The Subreddit has 33m members and is probably the largest in my niche, link was placed successfully on my desired anchor.

Has been one week now and comment is still there!

Good Job OP!
Got my reddit links and crowdo always does the best job

Compared to other providers they are much more natural and also perfectionisitic

Content is relevant and it is clear time was taken to contribute to the thread

Good for natural traffic and SEO boost

highly recommended!

Received 1 Reddit link from Stan as a review copy. TAT was not defined. Report was sent in the PM.

At first when I received the link, it was removed by the Reddit mods. When notified to Stan, he was kind enough to get back to me with a new link. And this time it was on a very popular subreddit having around 400k members. Also it was on a popular thread.

I am amazed at how professionally this was done. The post made was in conversations with the topic of the thread.

Making posts like that require professionals. Stan and his team are very good at this.

Highly recommended service.
I got a review copy of Reddit link.

- Smooth conversation with the OP
- Well written reply along-with url
- Reply has already received few upvotes
- Niche relevant subreddit
- Authority subreddit having 170k+ members

Overall, super happy to get selected for the review copy. Highly recommended service.
Hi, I'd love to get the coupon code as well. If this works out, I'd order a ton of repeat orders. I have a site that's currently sandboxed at 350k monthly actives and I need more EAT to breakthrough
Received a review copy:
- A Quora answer in a niche related question
- With niched related image, subheading and content
- The answer is with over 5 upvotes
- The answer is the top of among the answers
- Content is readable and highly related
- A backlink in the answer looks normal
Great service, recommended!
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