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Jun 12, 2012
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Ok.. so I need something I can implement into my website that will generate & store a unique ID for every person that is redirected to a specific URL, the code should be stored somewhere I can view and confirm when the user shows me the code.

The purpose of this is to confirm once someone has completed a specific process by confirming it with the code. Every code should never be given twice and user should not be able to abide by refreshing page, to get new code they need to start process again
Hello, this is something that I could do. Send me a PM with details and we can work something out!
Use random number generator function combining with datetime. So it will never generate same code two times.
I can probably work something out for this. PM me if you don't mind someone with less experience, if I can do it I'll do it for cheap.
Our team can surely do this, Connect with me at Skype id leethost.

We're confident that we'll do this for you :)
Simply md5(User's IP). That would be a very simple way to do this.
Store his/her session id, or as gimne4free mentioned.. ip? Btw, Storing ip would cause problem when ip is shared (cyber cafe? Multiple devices?) .you can also generate hwid from user's ip plus browser which would be a combination of many stuffs..

It all depends on what exactly you are looking to do.. at one glance, the requirement wasn't totally clear to me..

If you need something totally random, use current timestamp as seed and generate some random number with whatever language you are using. There is very less chance of collision if you do that.

Even better, use uniqid: https://www.w3schools.com/php/func_misc_uniqid.asp with the md5 function, you should be safe (no collisions).
Wrapping in md5 serves no purpose. It stays all the same whether you md5 it or not.. (theoretically, ofcourse).
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I see some valid suggestions. Or you could link time() and userip or any such details and Sha1() it or md5 it and store.

Well, you would need coding knowledge to get this implemented. You cant just go to a site and download it lol.

You will have to probably hire a coder for this. Do let me know. Drop me a PM.
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