Unique domain blogs with 30k word spun content for backlinks?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by gorang, Oct 4, 2011.

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    I was doing a bit of investigating on the free ipad niche just to see how the top guys are ranking.

    I looked through the backlinks in sitexplorer and found something interesting.

    There were around 20+ domains pointing to the site which only have a single page of content. These domains all have around 30,000 words of random spun content. The content still flags in copyscape.

    Right in the middle of all this random content is a single backlink to the main website.

    I then checked the backlinks on the domains and found some really odd occurrences. The backlinks to these domains are from strange sites who treat them as if they were full sites about a topic. I believe this to be evidence that the person who owns the ipad site is buying up old domains, installing a basic wordpress layout and inserting 30k words of spun content with their link in.

    So this is a twist on our more popular web 2.0 sites.

    What do you guys think? Could this be a legitimate way of hitting number 1? This guy seems to have done it. He also has a few bought links, but I find in sitexplorer that the better links appear at the top and these domains appear at the top.
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    Please PM me the url of that site