Unique Black Hat Techniques

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Jan 30, 2007
Hi, are there any black hat techniques other than: Redirecting sites, Hidden Text and Links, Cloaking, Automatic Page Generation, Black-hat Link-Building?

Other than the above mentioned, what are other Black Hat techniques you think are effective nowadays?
Gaming Digg to sneak up to the first page
Referrer Spam

along with all of your comments,,,,

ust build a system above all else. One that allows for mass duplication of what works..and customize your stuff.
mastermind: I dont know what you mean by "Black Hat" techniques. They've been always refered to as system administrator settings etc. Your judgement of a Black Hat is faded. What your talking about wasnt created and/or discovered by only people who claim themselves Black Hats. But to answer your question, if you look up security blogs now and then you'll notice new things coming out as far as security wise. There's always redirecting your connection. Remote exploiting. Note that those techniques were programmed by someone and thought of by someone and executed by someone. Doesnt make them a Black Hat though. The greatest hackers in the world are the ones who know how to program. Keep that in mind and you'll understand how the techniques i posted and how the ones you posted works. ;)
I don't know about you guys but I make my black hat translucent, almost identical to Whitehat.
Not open for further replies.
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