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    ive been using affiliate links till now.. where the process was always simple. People would click on the buy now link and would be redirected to the sellers page and i get the commission.

    but i want to improve my site and move it up in terms of looks and user friendliness and all that. so im going to use a shopping cart, ive already had some posts on this before,

    but i dont understand how they work...

    uptill now my affiliate link was : http://shareasale com/affid=XX

    and this used to be for all products, now suppose i have a shopping cart, then what. suppose a visitor selects two seperate products and adds it to their shopping cart and proceeds to the checkout.

    my question is that "What happens then?"

    will they still be redirected to the sellers page or what?
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    From all the shopping carts that I know and tried it works as follows.

    In you admin section you decide on all the payment processors you want to offer your visitors. (PayP, GCheckout, etc.)

    When your visitors add products to their shopping cart the script "remembers" this.

    On checkout it calculates the total amount of money they have to pay. This sum is communicated with the payment processor.
    So your buyers end up on the payment page of i.e. PayPal and are either redirected to your site or left at the payment processor. So not on an affiliate page.

    Like I said, this is the case with all the shopping carts I used (Zencart, OSCommerce, Cubecart, ResellCart, X-Cart, DLGuard, Intersphere and a few more)

    It is possible to add affiliate products to your shoppingcart only they can not be paid through your checkout.

    So what you want isn't standard build in but maybe someone else knows of addon modules that can perform this.
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