Understanding: Business, Money, Competition and how it all WORKS! Ready?

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    Now this might not make sense to some of you, but it is important to realize that we are products of evolution. We have constantly sparred with other animals and other species for dominance over our dominion, existence, and earth. With that said I think it is safe to say that we have won our ultimate battle against the other species of animal. Unfortunately I believe there's a greater twist in our modern-day society. Now it is man versus man, although some people try to fight that notion. Those people that disagree tend to like to believe that we are fighting for one common good and I can very much say I disagree with that ideology. Now let me explain to you why I believe their flawed ideology is absolutely false. America at its very core was developed and structured around the idea of having a free market; to ultimately reach an equilibrium of laissez faire. For those of you who do not know laissez faire is, it is the conceptual idea that the market could regulate itself with minimum government intervention. America has also been strongly base on the idea of capitalism. Capitalism at its very core is based purely based upon competition. It greatly rewards those who can contribute lots of value to the market. That is why most of the billionaires were created while exploiting other people by extracting their resources. You're probably wondering why I just told you about these two ideas. You'll see...

    When both of these two market concepts are put into practice it creates the environment we are currently in. If you ever want to succeed you need to understand these concepts. This is how man was put against man in competition for dominance. Materialistic goods are nothing more than a reflection of one's success in dominating his surroundings and the same goes for money. I often hear people come to this forum with this idea that they are going to become millionaires overnight; heck, I even heard some of them say that they be content with just making $1000 a day. All I can say to those of you out there with this mindset is good luck and I wish you the best of luck. Ambition is definitely needed in this environment to succeed, but you need to understand it doesn't necessarily work like that. Everything, including the Internet, is based on competition where the best and brightest minds are put to the test to fight with each other over market dominance. Some people are confused, they come to the internet thinking that this is some kind of communal free money pot; but I assure you that there will be winners and there will be losers. Which one are you? Think of it this way... any money you make from now on is coming out of somebody else's pockets. In most cases people don't easily give up their money or at least I know I don't. In most cases you either have to provide something of value or a necessary service. The big money comes in when you organize a team and do this on a massive scale. Money does not come out of thin air and there is no blueprint that is guaranteed for making any given amount of time to make some money. So what am I all getting to? You need to become adaptable to a very dynamic environment.

    Hopefully this made you think. For a lot of you newcomers out there you need to understand there is no magic to any of this Internet marketing stuff. All the guru techniques you hear about have been used off-line since before you were born. Nothing but hard work at its finest. Eventually some of the tasks that you find tedious can be outsourced but for the most part at the beginning all it requires is hard work. Stop listening to the gurus that have brainwashed you into being lazy; I can promise you that there is no fast track to success.

    If you're new I suggest you start with doing small jobs that contribute value back to the community. That includes writing, maybe graphic design, use your skills to automate some tedious task that someone else is willing to pay for.

    Stop waiting and get started today! Those who wait for tomorrow create a deadly habit of never seeing benefits in the today.
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