Under Dope and Writing my Joureney of 6 months on BHW & various earning ways of mine :) :)

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    I am under dope and lots of Alcohol, and as a routine of checking my favourite site BHW I am here to write my Journey.
    Right now I am listening to
    Knock knock Knocking of Heavens Door
    Comfortably Numb

    My education upto now is bTech. or Engineering called in some countries and that also from Mechanical Engineering branch.
    Journey here is not long but of considerable time of 6 months through which I have been through with various methods I have tried and start earning money through them.
    So here's the Picture of Mistakes and Lesson of IM learnt while earning money but wait.... in chronological order.
    It would be a long thread but informative and lessons learnt filled in it and best thing is there won't be any affiliate links.

    When I came here I was not knowing the meaning of NICHES TRAFFIC SEO PLUGINS CJ AMF PPL PPC CTR eCPM and nor of affiliates (I used to wonder how can affiliates be on a websites done).I started reading through the various thread of making money.

    First thing I came through here was Adsense and advertising thing and by creating a blog I can earn money by putting those Ads.I started reading more about blogs, seo, copyright, google policy and panda and penguin. I first made blogger account and have my name as whsinaclick.blogspot.in as I started blogging about World Heritage Sites.The interest of travel came through as was my fb page is filled with lots of Tourist Places.Amazing Places and Places to see before die. Tourist places which are good and historical are under World Heritage Sites goes with the name WHS. I know what SEO and plagiarism is.So I do not have to copy the articles.I reached on a thread of BHW of finding out unique article plagiarism free.

    I got articles and finally made the blog after many hurdles of layout setting and putting google analytics code after watching videos on youtube.
    I applied for adsense and my application got rejected.I started trying other advertising medias such as chitika, infolinks but there were no clicks and then comes traffic part.I started making backlinks, directory submission etc.
    Finally with the method of unique content made five blogs but not earning a penny through them as I didn't went good with traffic driving and SEO thing and finally left hope.

    I again started reading through the threads and got a thread of selling things on ebay such as microsoft office keys and other softwares.
    I do not have link now but I have template saved of writing in description of ebay.

    View attachment 43308 View attachment 43309

    I made my account on ebay and thought it might be risky to sell Microsoft so started searching for some other type of softwares.
    So now my twist and my method adopted in parts.
    I found Internet Download Manager also gets sold at around $10 -$15 each and is a very small software.
    I copied a persons description and in last I wrote "This item will be shipped through email only.".
    Put my fake email id below for communication outside INDIA and for INDIA i put my phone no. as a customer support and to give confidence to buyer.I offered customer service by Remote support by using softwares like team viewer and talked to INDIANS directly on phone.
    Cost - Downloaded free from some website and beautifully made a folder of IDM with sub folder as software, activator and Visual guide inside the IDM folder.Activator folder contained the patch and Visual Guide contained the screenshots of various steps of installing and patching the IDM and a text guide also.I finally zipped the folder of IDM.

    In email I would send them a mail like this

    Subject: Ebay Product:- Internet Download Manager

    Thanks for buying with me. You just bought the Internet Download Manager. If you go for IDM shop you'll find this suite about $29.I know that's very expensive. You made the right choice by giving me a change. Thank you so much and I hope to make more business with you.

    You can download the Internet Download Manager

    Download Link written here

    All instructions for installing are given in the Visual Guide with screenshots and a text file to help you with installation.

    Please read it carefully.
    If you follow all these instruction step by step you won't find any issue but if you encounter any problem I am always happy to help my buyer, don?t hesitate any asking any kind of help..

    Leaving negative feedback doesn?t give satisfaction to buyer not to seller but communication is always best to solve any issue.

    Once again thanks for buying with me and I hope to make more business with you in future.

    Peoples inquired about more softwares and I sold them free pdf to word converters and file recovery softwares as I gained the confidence by offering my services through calling and Remote Support.

    Profit each Idm sold - on ebay.us and ebay.com at $10 - $15. Sold over 35 in 60 days - $400 approx.
    and sold IDM in India at INR 150 to 200.Sold over 20 in 60 days. - INR3500 approx.
    PDF to word converters and file recovery softwares made me over $150 in 60 days
    but some negative elements and dicks complained and ebay took down my account.
    But $440 + $150 +INR 3500 = INR 39000 approx. are a huge money man.

    I started Click bank, youtube, video uploading, editing of photos and videos, gained a big folder of software, bots and patches, fiverr, social networking pinterest, tumbler and other affiiates of several things in some time but as I am poor with my skills of driving traffic I earned only $400 approx in three months.
    I also made a autoblog on US News which goes with the name of newsinijiffy.blogspot.in which gains about 100 traffic daily and 60% traffic is from US.Blog is very shabby looking and I do not earn a single penny from it but thing is blog is mine and gains traffic of 1800 from US monthly.

    I then came along a thread of kindle in BHW.
    After some motivation for kindle I started reading stuffs about kindle all with gaining traffic and other things such as SEO for Kindle and formatting of kindle ebooks.
    I wrote my first kindle book actually a spun around book and uploaded it and put on five day promotion and placed links in all websites of kindle book submissions.
    The best way to go for finding kindle submission websites in free promotion time is

    This time of phase is where i earned less but learnt a lot :) :)
    I learned a lots of things going on this website and tried most of them by applying my twists and have success with everyone from penny to $$xxxx.

    I took a break of 15 days after all this learning phase.

    Second Phase of earning more and applying the learnings and more learning.
    I always hoped to have a website of my but was not comfortable with idea as my background is all about of Mechanical and no Computers and Coding and Programming.
    I came along a thread from where I was promised to have a website but I was not knowing a thing and was given a sub domain.
    Website was adult buzzer and was in Adult Niche.
    I opened my account of plugrush and earning started getting in but were $1 approx each day and minimum withdraw limit was $25 and adult buzzer also went down in 15 - 20 days.
    I opened my own wordpress website which and put plugrush widgets.
    I cannot pay the hosting fees of 1 month of $7 from arvixe and just let my website suspended.
    But I learned whole wordpress and about hosting sites and working with cpanels of accounts.Got a idea of several themes, templates and plugins.
    I also have 2 fb pages in adult niches with 400 - 500 peoples, all real people made by first account creation in name of female and then add me groups and then the last stage of sending page invites.
    Now I am searching for a Idea for making another site but this time in a JV who can drive traffic and I make and handle whole website with content finding.

    2 - 3 week ago saw a thread of kindle and opened my own account of kindle again and found that I have been getting sales of approx 10 books in each month at a price of $3.95.
    The royalty was 35% which is $1.38 and total profit now lead to $1.38 * 10 books in a month and * 4 month = $55.3 which is with no work of traffic and all that thing.
    Moreover gained reviews also of 4 and 5 stars.
    Book is here

    I have now again started writing book for kindle.
    I recently wrote a cookbook and after exchanging the reviews with him(Sorry) my cook book has got a sale of 5 books in 10 days at a price of $2.5.
    I designed the coverpage of the book on my own and saved $5 which I would have need to pay on fiverr.
    And have wrote a book now on Christmas Carols and is under publishing.
    I would be posting the link of it after it gets live in 18 hours as it would be under free promotion at that time
    and you all can download it.

    I also designed a shirt to sell in ZAZZLE Store with a story build up.
    The Shirt is based on Christmas Theme only.
    You all can see the shirt designed and give me your reviews of its potential sell and can buy also if you like it.

    I would now be continuing my journey in Kindle and in Zazzle Shirt Design.
    I can answer maximum number of questions of the things that I have told here but not of Driving Traffic :( .
    I would be posting updates of my journey in Kindle and Zazzle once in a week and of any other method or journey I will be starting in future but will be answering your all questions in a day as I go through this whole website before sleeping and during my lunch time.

    And Also, I have got a adsense account recently by applying through fb on my aged videos monetization.
    But not in a mood for going through blog or website making thing as I am bad in Traffic Thing :( .

    I would be going to sleep in an hour :) :)
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    I seriously don't see whats the pleasure in drugs!

    If you said wine, then I would understand you completely.

    Either way, Good Luck!
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    it is hurting my eyes to read this...which means you are freaking wasted dude! congratulations!
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    I know dope is bad but I have it after 5 months man.
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    I made it coloured to highlight my mistakes and earnings in red and green respectively.
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    Bro, why the hell would you tell us you're on dope? And why of all things would you put that in the title?

    Then on top of that, you don't use double spacing properly, don't know how to organize your thoughts,
    and use every color of the rainbow to "highlight" random shit.

    Your original post reads like an LSD trip.

    No offense, but this isn't a drug or rehab forum. Its a marketing forum.

    I don't write the most organized posts myself. But when you come on here drunk and high, to make
    a journey thread that looks like yours.... noone is going to take you seriously.

    I'm no square myself. But its obvious that your drug/alcohol use is not going to help you make money.
    Because if I'm having this difficult a time reading your original post, I can't imagine what you're marketing
    efforts are going to look like.

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    Building An Empire
    I gave up reading after a few minutes, your layout hurt my eyes.
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    SEO Gigs / Offline Consultant
    What kind of dope are you on?....I'm curious.
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    King Of Crypto C
    Solihull Young Offenders
    Its a kiddie thing, the more they drink, the harder drugs they take, the bigger the little big man they are.
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    I didn't know BHW has so many colors.
    And what has your dope to do with a IM journey thread?
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    OP you're better off not under the influence nomsayian. Would rather work with a clear mind instead of an under the influence
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    I have taken dope after 5 months.
    It has nothing to do with IM.
    I am fine now and post is written when I was under dope.
    So I do not know why I have wrote down my whole journey under this.
    Forgive me
    IF you found something useful have it from my thread.