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    Hey BHW! I've been a big fan of the forum for a while but just recently registered, and I would like som SEO help for an upcoming project. I've been searching for an answer to if my planned structure of my Wordpress site is gonna damage possible rank, but haven't found it. I think I'm posting in the right forum, but I could be wrong.

    My plan is to create a site with famous sayings about stuff, which is very small posts and no titles (e.g. mysitedotcom/famousguycategory and then a category list with the sayings of this famous guy). Every post is ordered by category, and I want Google and my visitors to browse through the website via categories and not posts. The problem is that when you don't enter a title, the posts are named like mysitedotcom/famousguy/383. I don't want Google to index the posts because it would look fucked up with just numbers all over my site's search results.

    So, the question is, if I can uncrawl posts without damaging my SEO? I figure if I tell the Googlebot to crawl categories, the posts will be crawled anyway, but without crawling the post titles.

    Sorry if this seems confusing or whatever, but as I said SEO is kinda unfamiliar to me. Appreciate any help.

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    Great Question!

    You have the option of choosing your link structure from within the Wordpress back-end interface. Accessing these settings will vary based on your version of Wordpress however in more recent versions, URI structure can be modified under settings -->Permalinks (after logging in).

    From here you can choose among a handful of default link structures. The best for SEO is to use a custom structure where you can insert target keywords or keyword phrases. In the most recent versions of Wordpress, you can also use the category and tag base options. So for instance "famous people" as your category base would make your links look like www.yoursite.com/famouspeople/

    You can find additional information at these links



    Let me know if this is helpful!

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