Ultra5 V3.0 Web Site Designer [$995.00]

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    i hope this is usefull for making extra pages and sites for our members

    Ultra5 V3.0 Web Site Designer

    # Your users will love the simplicity.
    # Virtually unlimited number of users.
    # Support for banner ads on your user sites.
    # From Signup to a web site in about 5 minutes.
    # Support for "Free Trial System" with email reminders.
    # Ultra5 Demo
    # Order Ultra5 $995.00

    Ultra5 V3.0 Features

    * Complete Turnkey Software
    Once Ultra5 is installed on your server, you can allow any number of users to create sites that have a unique address, look and feel. All operations are done with the web browser, so there is no need for FTP or Telnet to your server, thus making your server more secure.
    You can add new templates (page designs) any time to keep your site current and keep the interest of your users.

    * User has Unique Web Page Address
    Users will have their own folder and will have their own unique Web Address. http://www.domain.com/SiteName

    * Sub-Domain Support
    Your Users Web address can also be: http://SiteName.domain.com/

    * Domain Names
    Your User can also have their own domain name linked to their site.

    * Page Design Gallery
    We offer over 100 professional pre-designed pages to allow your users to create the look they desire for their site.
    Choose from over 120 background images
    80 border background images
    150 background colors
    150 text colors
    150 link colors
    Using all the color combinations and page layouts, your users can create 1000's of variations in page design, all with a few clicks of the mouse.

    * Multi-Pages
    Ultra5 will build a 5 page website in approximately 15 to 20 minutes.
    All pages are automatically linked together, and with an automatic SiteMap Page, visitors will find it easy to navigate the pages.

    * Additional Pages
    With just a few mouse clicks, your user can add Guestbook, Contact Us, and About Us pages to the site.

    * Order Forms and Mail To Pages
    Your users can sell their wares with one of the available orderforms, and users can add mail-to forms for a professional look and feel.

    * Site Map Navigation
    As a user creates pages, the program will automagically create a Site Map Page with a link to all the user pages and a short description of each page.

    * Image Library
    Your Users can select from over 1000 images in our image library.

    A high quality Photo Library is also available.

    * File Up-Loads
    File up-loads using your favorite browser. Users may upload both images and HTML files for your site. HTML file blocking is also available.

    * Translator
    Optional translator can be added to the end user pages that allows the page to be translated into many other languages. Sample
    Editing Existing Pages

    * Ultra5 Editor
    Your user can edit their pages at any time with our Wizard Editor. They can change content, colors, or the page design template.

    * Advanced Page Editor
    The HTML page can be edited at any time using our Advanced Editor.

    * File Management
    Complete file management using your browser. Users can Up-Load Files, Rename Files, or Delete Files in their site.
    Administration and Utilities

    * Ultra Administration Page
    Complete administration from your favorite browser.

    Demo: hxxp://www.rj1.com/ultra/
    Admin Demo : hxxp://www.rj1.com/ultra/admin/admin.html
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    wowie! this would require at least a VPS. imagine the amount of resources it will eat. anyone has experience?
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    Hmmm do you think you could set this up to make it work like a free web page builder that comes with free hosting?