Ultimate Social & Email Mass Account Creation System- Gmail PVA/Instagram/Pinterest + More

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The server has 8 cores and is a dedi. If it loads slow its your connection. Since the system works in the background your connection speed will not interfere with the system though. If you need any help hit me up on skype.


I told you via email I took it offline after you guys made 30,000 gmail pvas in 24 hours. You guys exhusted all the numbers they had but 471 which I had to keep for the global 10 free gmail pva module. I then had to source more phone numbers for the original module. This is what happens when you don't have to solve captchas to make google pva accounts, people abuse it. I will have the new phone system implemented in 3 hours. I am also adding a checkbox that if you click it, it will turn the gmail account into a youtube account with a channel name, that will roll out with this new update.

Hey Growth,

I purchased your product immediately when I saw it. However, I realized shortly after that I hadn't changed my MX records to my paypal account's domain, which I have now modified to be correct.
Could you please resend me the email? I've eager to get started with this product. Seeing as I'm still new here, I am unable to PM and post my email address :/

Sure np send me an email or pm me with your paypal email address and I will resend it. Welcome aboard.

I got the welcome email, thanks alot bud. It's working pretty well, however using de-captcher, I am getting about 70% fail rate. I see that you have added a timeout since the release of this video and just wondering what are the recommended values? This is mainly with Yahoo and Hotmail accounts.
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The default is 45 seconds timeout for the captchas. I never allow more than that for them so the max is 45. I would just leave it be if I were you. Death by captcha max is 75 seconds, because they are crap and can not solve in enough time but the other two are 45 seconds max. Success rate really depends on those little humans typing in those codes and of course your proxies. If there is anything I can do to help, hit me up on skype.

Gmail account creator: Bad Phone#99 Other account creation failed.

I am using de-captcher and proxy service you'd recommend.
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Folks, I bought this puppy as soon as it came out. It's badass, constantly updated, and works just as he says! I'm having a ball (cuz it's FUN) and banking from private clients already, right here in my hometown. Get it. THANK-YOU, growth!

Seems like you have an issue with your proxies, please contact me via skype and I will look at your account. The gmail pva module does not use captchas so it is most likely a proxy issue. If you need temporary accounts while I look into your issue just email me and I can send you some.

I have seen an issue with proxyhub lately and them issuing bad user/pass, but that does not seem to be the issue. So send me an email and I will do my best to help.

The G-MAlL p.v.a module does not use captchas....

Hi Dave

I want to buyy the program specially for creating G-MAlL accounts , so i have the following questions :

1) Do i need to payy for captha services if i only want to creat G-MAlL accounts ? (from what i know, at sign~~up, G-MAlL has an option to skip the captcha verification process, but if you check that option it will require phoone verification)

See the picture


2) If i have to payy for De--captcher , how much do i have to payy for creating 1000 G-MAlL accounts?
3) How many private proxies do i need if i want to create 1000 G-MAlL accounts ?
4) Does it work with socks proxies ?

thanks and i'm waiting your answer

best regards

1) Correct my gmail pva module is the real deal. It uses phones to verify the gmail account, so no captcha is needed. The only time a captcha would be needed is if the phone company required it, which they currently do not. You have to add a captcha company in order to use the system, that is just how it is built. Just signup for one with 0 balance if you just want to use gmail.

2) Currently you do not need captchas for gmail, but this could change at any time. So 1000 gmails right now need no captchas.

3) I personally create max 5 accounts per proxy, but you can do whatever combination you would like. Just be aware that linking gmails can raise flags with them, so do more at your own risk.

4) It works with private http proxies that support https.

you think how many shared proxies do i need to create unlimited accounts or like 10k perday(is it possible?ler me know) on all the social networks available here in your bot. but planning to use mainly on gmail,twitter,pinterest and instagram?

btw, just purchased your product and currently testing it. :)

the amount of accounts you can create depends on your proxies and captcha solving company. I would say the more proxies the better. My personal policy is 5 accounts per proxy. The instagram module has this limit every 72 hours as from my testing with instagram this is the best policy. Hit me up via skype or email if you have more questions. Enjoy the sytem.
Hi Growth,

Yesterday I sent you PM haven't got any replay. Today I tried to create only GM PVA it was not happening is there any support mail ID or ticket system to resolve issue. Now only I am using it first time account creation I was not able to see any new accounts added. Pls help is there any issue in GM PVA
Hi Growth!

I'm interested in this awesome software of yours but I'm not looking into the mass account creation, I only need a few accounts per day so for me I'm interested in the free 10 accounts you give every day. So here are a couple of questions regarding those 10 free accounts:

1) Are these 10 free accounts created from different IP's? If so... How often do you change these IP's?

2) Can we see from which country are the IPs you're using to create the 10 free accounts each day?

3) Can we see the actual phone number used to created the 10 free accounts?

The reason for the last two questions is because login from the same country as the IP the account was created from, helps to avoid the "we have detected some unsual activities on your account" message from Google... And in case that message appear, knowing the phone number can let me bypass that issue.

Thank you very much!
Hi Growth,

Yesterday I sent you PM haven't got any replay. Today I tried to create only GM PVA it was not happening is there any support mail ID or ticket system to resolve issue. Now only I am using it first time account creation I was not able to see any new accounts added. Pls help is there any issue in GM PVA

Is there any issue on gmail PVA still i am not able to create the account.
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spam filters.

Do you have any of the bots set up to turn off the spam filters so that all email hits the inbox? Gmail / Hotmail?

Could you integrate forwarding? Have the bot set up one gmail as the primary, and then "X" number of gmails forward to it?

I must of missed your pm yesterday when I was busy adding youtube, sorry. My email is support at medialoverz.com. I bet you have a proxy issue, send me an email and I can look into your account further and get you up and running.


1) The 10 free accounts are created from different ips. I change proxies randomly.
2) I do not show the proxies used when you request free accounts as these are private and there is no need.
3) Yes you get to see the phone number of the free accounts.


I have not thought of spam filters. Currently I am on my schedule is adding new account modules to the system like tumblr, linkedin, etc. Customization will probably come but not until other things are done first.

Just bought a few minutes ago and am cranking away. Great tool btw. Imagetyperz appears to be down from DDOS attacks and DBC is only working for a third of the account creation, but no matter.

Will Captcha Sniper work for this, so I don't burn my DBC credits?

Also, I just tried the free 10 HOTMAIL accounts a day, and it threw an error for Down for Maintenance.
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