Ultimate Objective?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by portillo, Feb 7, 2008.

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    I pose a question to the community for your answers but more importantly for your contemplation. What is your ultimate objective for mastering the Black Art? Short term Im sure the answer would be money but beyond that what is your goal? It would be a disservice for some of the "senior" folks around here not to chime in on this, so all of you earners out there step up and provide a response. My thought process has always been to use what I know and what I learn in other aspects of my business or capatalize off that knowledge. For example if I master cloaking(just an example) I will try to capatalize off of that knowledge the easiest way possible. In other words my credo when it comes to making money is to make the most amount of money with the least amount of work. On the surface that may look like a simple statement but if you really think about it, it requires a mind for innovation and total subject mastery....So you say what the hell is he talking about right? Well Ive noticed a trend where some members are looking for the 'newest" software or really looking to find the "easy button" for blackhat. With that mode of thinking you can never stay ahead in this business and will never capatalize financially as much as you could. To clarify that statement, you will make money but will be reliant on the next thing when that method/software/script dies out. I challenge those who care to approach a different mode of thinking this year, i would like to see more success stories thus year on BHW. You will see that the mind is really the key to everything here. Now leave some comments!
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    I think the answer for the long and short term is money. Learning new techniques even black hat also helps you on the white hat end. You also learn to think outside the box when you learn all of these "new" techniques, which can help you with everything in life. If anything this forum helps to expand your mind and show you there is more than one right way to do things and it promotes originality and creation of your own ideas.
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    Black hat is a means to an end, not the end itself. And mastery never comes, like any art, being a master simply that you begin to teach yourself more than your teachers teach you.

    For me, it's about capital for offline projects.

    I don't want or intend to do this the rest of my life.

    There is a huge world out there and I want to get drunk in a lot of it.

    Ok, I really just love waking up in a new place each day and seeing what life has to offer for the day. The internet seems a good way to achieve that once it is ubiquitous (which I believe it will be within 5 years). Actually it is now with satellite communication, but I mean "relatively easy and fast, free access in virtually every population center of any size".

    As that happens, I'm doing some offline investing for true passive/growth income. When my bh/wh skillz and offline passive income have grown to the point that I can cover my travel costs and begin building a nest egg in case of emergencies, then I'll hit the road.

    If this year goes well, I'll be punching the time clock on my 9-5 by the end of the year and never, ever going back. If I miss my plan, by 2010 I should be able to do it regardless.

    I have my sail boat picked out.

    I have my map and compass.

    When life is ready for me, I'm ready for it.

    So, why blackhat mastery?

    Speed baby. Speed.

    I've only got so many days left. I don't want to waste any more of them on shit I don't love.
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    knowledge and money for both short and long term, a challenge is great, specially when you can win big if you do well, incentive to learn even more, which then in turn makes you want to try something else which you need to learn more for again! hello insanity spiral :) its something different though i think more than anything, im not living by normal peoples rules, im allowed to set my own hours, i can make just what i need to live on or i can make shitloads, i have a choice every step of the way
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    Trophaeum - I think you said it all and said it best..exactly my thoughts without being as wordy as I'd have been!

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    I think there is a benefit in specialization but from what I am seeing in post throughout the forum is that diversified efforts seem to be necessary to achieve the level of success some have been lucky enough to again and others aspire to. I think, to steal a point from Napoleon Hill, is that a Collaboration with like minded individuals is also needed. He calls it the Master Mind Principle, but it's legitimacy and necessity is once again proven.

    This place is great. If only my mind wasn't going 5 millions miles an hour while reading through.