Ultimate Collection of Autoblog Plugins/Softwares [WORDPRESS], with some tidbits of advice

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Ultimate Collection of Autoblog Plugins/Softwares (Wordpress)
Hey, first thing first.. Read this thread fully.. Awesome thread. :p

So, now Autoblogs == $$$ :p

This thread will be quick, to the point (li'l bit detailed) and full of softwares/plugins.
(Plugins or softwares are basically provided for Wordpress self-hosted blogs, as I don't use blogspot)
(Many of the softwares here, do not have download links with them. In that case, I will urge others to provide with a working and updated download copy.)
(In the last of this thread, an autoblogs_nikhilg.zip file is provided, which includes the softwares/plugins I could find.)
(A Red "X" indicates the software/plugin is not included in the download, as I was not able to find it. Please Share these, if you can!)

--- Get a handy keyword research tool(s) and hunt for some pretty nice micro niches. Get a whole list of around 100 micro niches.
---BEST TWO softwares to use (IMO):
------ Micro Niche Finder (In the Official "DO NOT SHARE" List :p ) X
------ Market Samurai (You must purchase this, very frequent updates) X

--- I would prefer HostGator Hosting, and try to install blogs on different class-C IPs, especially if you are using mass blog farms.
DO NOT inter-link on subdomains, even if they are hosted on different IPs.

--- Mass Installers are used to install a whole lotta blog farm in one GO.
--- BEST TWO softwares to use (IMO):
------ Wordpress Mass Installer X
------ Blogslammer X
------ *** BEST *** Use Fantastico inside Your CPanel
------ IMO, only setup a maximum of one blog per day. Thats sorta manageable, and healthy for you.

--- LIST: (Included in PLUGINS folder in autoblogs_nikhilg.zip)
------ Adsense Deluxe - O'course Adsense ads management.
------ Akismet - Spam Fighting.
------ AskApache 404 - Best 404 error page, uses AJAX.
------ Auto Social Poster - Get traffic and backlinks from Social Bookmarking sites.
------ Google Sitemap Generator
------ HeadSpace2 - One of the best TWO SEO plugins + many other features
------ MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer
------ Eli's PingCrawler - Automatically ping other blogs, when you post.
------ Platinum SEO - Another of the BEST TWO SEO plugins.
------ Redirection - Redirect your 404 pages, or redirect your posts to your affiliate sites/links.
------ SEO Automatic Links - Cross-links your blog posts (within a blog)
------ StatPress Reloaded - best Real-time Tracking plugin for your traffic
------ WP-affiliate - automatically create affiliate links inside your posts, or generate CB links for your keywords on-the-fly.
------ WP Database backup - This is MOST Important. If you lost your database, you are finished. :p
------ Yet Another Related Posts Plugin - boost your pageview, works with RSS too.
------ CPA Redirector - need explanation for this?? :p

--- The most important aspect of a blog, the CONTENT (Included in CONTENT Folder, ones which are not are marked with a RED "X"):
------ Caffeinated Content - old version 3.31, get content from Yahoo Answers (Patched), Articles, or YouTube Videos.
------ YACG - Yet Another Content Generator :p
------ Wordpress WriteAgain! - One of the BHW members is selling it for $10. Probably the best (just going to purchase it, has real nice reviews)
------ WP Drip Feeder - automatically drips content into your blogs
------ WP VideoTube - Get videos from YouTube, along with comments
------ Unique Content Maker - Not a Plugin, created by some BHW member, Translates articles with the help of GTranslator.
------ Autoblogged - The name says it all :p
------ WP-o-matic - Fetch content from RSS Feeds, includes option to replace words, which is useless IMO.
------ My Video Blog - Haven't tested it. But Should be Good for Complete Management of Video Blogs.
------ Unique Article Wizard Plugin - Get articles to your blogs, not preferred for Micro Niches.
------ WP Spinner - Only Content Spinner I would recommend. X
------ Initially, it doesn't matter how much content you generate on the first GO (still try to be low on this), be it 100 post per blog. As Big G indexes blogs slowly. STILL ITS ADVISABLE to generate content slowly, especially one Big G starts indexing your site.
------ IMO, Duplicate content is a Myth, yet its best to be unique.
------ Never update more than 5 posts a day for one blog.
------ Content Creation Frequency and Blog Creation Frequency strongly determines the rate at which your blogs will be de-indexed.

------ Adsense -> Adsense Deluxe (included in PLUGINS Folder)
------ Other than Adsense -> All in one Adsense and YPN (included in PLUGINS Folder)
------ Use Kontera, ContentLink, etc.
--- AFFILIATE Networks
------ WP - affiliate ---> For CB, and others.
------ Any other please share.

--- Basic SEO and Social Bookmarking sites:
------ The plugins that were included under BASIC PLUGINS option, generally do the work for you.
------ Yet, if you favour few blogs more than other blogs in your portfolio :) use some whitehat or blackhat SEO promotion for it. Dont ask me how? USE THE SEARCH BUTTON!!!
------ Seriously, I have no knowledge on that. Search on BHW how to do this, e.g. what are effective blog farms linking strategy and etc.

--- Never use same ad units for all of your autoblogs. Imagine Big G raising his eyebrows for 1000 or more instances of same ad.??
--- Try to make your blog farms growth appear to be organic and smooth. NEVER RUSH or GET DE-INDEXED.
--- Use different Class-C IPs to host blogs.
--- While posting content, try to upload a maximum of 4-6 posts a day.
--- Anything else, I forgot??

This is from one of the threads while I was reading it:
If you want to take this one set further what I do is install Wordpress MU so you can have subdomains for nichies. Break it down and use this plugin to build a mass subdomain auto blog. I know with Hostgator on a reseller account you need to ask them to set the wildcard DNS for you. But then upload this badboy a boom! Get as many sub domains as you want.
and then use: Google Sitemap for WPMU

LASTLY, I have included some toppings on the dish - Three Premium Themes (I am sure they are already up, but just wanted to add to the value :) (Can be found inside THEMES.zip)
1. Thick
2. One Theme
3. Open Air

So, in the end, this post took me nearly an hour to write, upload etc etc.
Must get some real nice Thanks.

1. Content Plugins:
2. Basic Plugins:
3. Unique Content Maker

4. autoblogs_nikhilg.zip: (Including Themes - Thick, Open Air, and One Theme)
My upload rate is very low, wait for this one :p
great post man.

everything you need to get going together in one post.
for everyone who asks how to make money, it wont get easyer than this!

here is the complete autoblogs_nikhilg.zip:

some one please uplaod it to MediaFire or Rapidshare.

This file contains:
1. Content Generation Plugins
2. Basic Plugins
3. Unique Content Maker Bot
4. Three Premium Wordpress themes:
--- Thick
--- OpenAir
--- OneTheme
Great thread, I must say if you cant autoblog after this post, give up.
I already thanked you, but just wanted to add that this is one of the most immediately useful posts I have seen on BHW. It should be stickied because anyone with a domain should be able to take this material and be set up to make money within an hour or two.
@greyhatdude === thanks for the "sticky" idea!!
will appreciate that if pofecker or Nick_flame does that..
I would be honored... :D
between guys.. I forgot to add YACG in the list of content generators..
Can please someone share that!!
Also, note that WP-affiliate also helps in CLOAKING YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS, which means no commission-stealing.
For real newbies with WP, simply:
1. download the BASIC PLUGINS zip file, upload it to "/wp-content/" folder using FTP and Unzip.
2. For Content-Generators Zip file., download, upload to "/wp-content/plugins/" folder using FTP and unzip.
3. For THEMES Zip file, download, upload to "/wp-content/themes/' folder using FTP and unzip.
And you are set with the plugins.
Lastly, I am not sure If anyone of these Themes calls back "home"... can someone check....
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Thanks for taking the time to get this thread up and running, I appreciate it and am sure others do also. Rep added

Awesome post I would have to say!

Just wanna clarify something. which package are you using in h0stgat0r? cause you mentioned different class-C IPs, how to get that?

You also mentioned that never use the same ad units for ads3ns3, does that mean that I need to create different ads3ns3 accounts? wouldn't it makes me more likely to be banned by the big g?

Thanks in advance!
No all I am saying is, dont use one Single Ad unit for all blogs, e.g. one single 336x280 large rectangle that resides just after Your post title for all the blogs.
This would mean, you are Making a "single ad unit code" appear on all your blogs, which indirectly means all these blogs must be connected.
As for different class C IPs, I am sorry I used HostGator here, because I remembered that name only. But while I was talkin to their online support, they told me that they do not provide Class-C IPs for different domains??? Anyone has a Clue..?

Well, I quickly searched for another one: SEOHosting.com
here are the packages available:
5 C Class IP's ----> $7.00 each
45 C Class IP's ----> $5.00 each
125 C Class IP's ----> $4.35 each
(I aint affiliated)

Anyone else has some other way??
hi ,

Thanks lot. I have download all... I'll try it now
here is the complete autoblogs_nikhilg.zip:

some one please uplaod it to MediaFire or Rapidshare.

This file contains:
1. Content Generation Plugins
2. Basic Plugins
3. Unique Content Maker Bot
4. Three Premium Wordpress themes:
--- Thick
--- OpenAir
--- OneTheme

Here is the mediafire:

Thanks for taking the time to get this thread up and running, I appreciate it and am sure others do also. Rep added

although I thanked you already. yet that was my firstever rep recieved, firstever in any forum :p (i never participated in any other forum)

feels like good.. between I am being dumb here.. what is rep useful for?
and how is it different than Thanks?

just provide me the answer in PM.. dont want the thread to go off-topic... :p
I never knew that posting some good posts can get you work..

this single post brought me $200 amount of autoblogging kinda work :p
Yea great thread man. Lol I am talking to you right now in aim. Just thought I would give you some props while I was at it ;)
Should you use a different class c address for every blog?
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