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    Hi guys
    My name is Charles I have been a member here for a while having tried a no. of methods with no success I never gave up it took me 4 good years of not making any penny from Im and to reach the level I am financially

    Good plans take time and investment your website is your business in this guide I will outline key areas In sections and I hope the information contained will help someone okay lets start.

    #1.Business goals
    #3.Marketing and selling
    #4.Market segmentation
    #5.strategies to Adopt
    #6.Economics of consumers and money
    #7.The Internet of free things
    #8.How much is your audience worth
    #9.Social networks

    Most people rush into a business without having clear identifiable goals I did the same mistake picking someones idea and trying to bank on it and eventually failed
    So what are your business goals

    #1.Business goals
    -Increase revenue
    -Ensure prospects register to my website
    - Audience engagement

    so how does my business achieve this?

    #2 Conversion
    This is the ultimate goal which includes
    -Return visits by customers
    -Increased sign ups
    -Increase sales
    and many more

    3.Marketing and selling
    This two terms may be confused to mean the same however they are different and having come across several threads such as "How can I make xx amount urgently and the response do this and this" well here's how to go about it.

    Marketing -Involves steps in getting the product to the customer.
    Selling- To sell something you must have a customer first.

    segmenting your audience ensures you achieve your business goals easily by identifying portions of the market that are different from one another.

    So why the need for market segmentation.....
    market segmentation helps understanding and satisfying your customers needs better in section 5 I will mention sme companies applying this and the impact.

    What are the requirements of a good market segmentation.
    -Identifiable- shd be measurable
    -Unique needs- satisfy customers needs

    psychographic segmentation
    will involve grouping according to their

    Behavioral segmentation
    what are the customer behavior towards the product
    -there usage rate
    -benefits sought
    -User status is he/she a potential /first time/regular customer.
    -Occasions:holidays and events that stimulate purchase
    -Readiness to buy

    Note this are just afew of the variables

    #5.Srategies to Adopt
    There are basically 5 strategies you can choose adopt depending on your product/service
    -A low cost provider strategy :This involves pricing your products lower which appeals to a broad spectrum.
    -A broad differentiation strategy: This involves differenting your products from rivals.
    -A focused low cost strategy : This involves focusing on a narrow mrkt niche and outcompeting rivals by having low costs eBay uses this strategy.
    -A focused differentiation strategy : similar to the above but offers members customized attribute to meet there tastes.

    #6.Economics of consumers and money
    here you shd note
    That people are inclined to spend more when the benefits exceed the features .
    And people buy from people strive to provide value in addition.
    when the structure of the economy /business env changes people spend more to be ahead of competitors or mitigate against being wiped out this is when new technology replaces old

    #7.The Internet of free things
    In this section I will mention sites popularly used I will leverage on them in the monetization section
    sites such as
    1.WordPress-cms for bloggers
    2.Canva- awesome site for creating fb posters cover photos and they have cool illustrations to work with
    3.Picmonkey- A good site for resizing images creating nice backgrounds on pictures
    4.Google - As much as we complain on rankings I have to admit that Google has interesting products to offer the Google keyword planner, Google drive
    you tube.
    5.paypal- This online money transfer works world wide and is conviniet.
    6.Job sites
    This are some of the sites not all

    #9. Social networks
    I will review the popular sites and there goals
    Facebook- learn what is going on the lives of people

    Twitter- perceptions this is getting to know what is happening around you witnessing news and events.

    pinterest- Post pictures of what you consider beautiful cool and neat .

    1.How much is your audience worth
    2. Are you offering what your customers want (focused diff strategy)
    3. What is your business model note different businesses have diff models depending on the products they offer

    To answer one above the best mtd is trial and error you can know by the price they are willing to part with for a prdct.

    no.2. revisit section five
    no.3. we will use the blueprint model

    Having familiarilised yourself with stp one to nine above you shd decide on whether to sell or market
    for marketing you will be promoting a product and earning commissions there are a ton of affiliate sites to start visit the aff marketing section
    read on......
    visit affiliate directory or check for offers that are paying well in the aff section here.
    Go to Gkp tool and check for keywords in your niche
    that have low competition.
    create a blog with WordPress a place a nice theme with your code.
    Content go to Google advanced search and type how to +niche or 7tips+ niche be creative
    for new sites ranking high can be a challenge leveraging social sites for traffic is beneficial however if you don't have a budget you can use online tools to design or use made ones

    canva- this site has sme gd illustrations that you can use on Facebook one thing to note cause related marketing converts well in Facebook and earns your site much exposure in the illustration your txt shd call to action such as "Support" "alleviate" "reduce" note this shd be kws on your site.

    picmonkey- this site helps you to create nice frames on pics and backgrounds check out Facebook pages that Garner lots of like they have pretty dark bckgrounds with a frame and a story for engagement.

    With selling you dnt have to wait for commissions for those of you asking how can I generate immediate cash here's how
    you can sell service and get paid within hours you visit job sites and offer a service you are gd at.
    create info products and sell them on CB
    you can use Google drive to create presentations and convert them to pdfs and promote them on social sites works really well for fitness and health products.
    still on info products you can sign up on Aweber or get response and connect your fb page with any of the above tho Aweber you will pay 1 usd for a month and get response you will get a 14 day trial after connecting visit PayPal and create a buy now button place of your fb page after uploading the info product and the link and place it on fb product page
    or members page whichever place you wsh this allows you to grab an email from the recipient and the member is redirected to your fb page.

    For this last section anyone who nds help post here and I will get back Asap ***note** don't pm nt unless you are willing to part with a small fee having said all questions post em here and finally I will eat my Xmas a hapy Guy this was one of my goals hp it helps smeone and since all this info is not documented bt learnt through action I hp smeone does the same.
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    You've failed at business for 4 years and now you want people to pay you for business advice?

    I've seen some daft threads, but this one is right up there with the best of them.
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