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UK - Xfactor CPA offers?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by xxblackxx, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. xxblackxx

    xxblackxx Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jun 23, 2009
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    As I sit here with a hangover watching the X Factor rerun on ITV, im wondering if any of you guys know of any decent CPA offers related to XFactor?

    I could fire some decent traffic to them via a news site and it would be interesting to see if Xfactor fans are prone to completing these offers...:D
  2. graphicnut

    graphicnut Supreme Member

    Feb 21, 2008
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    what about talent leads? i know a few who pay for leads (free signups)
  3. Pyronix

    Pyronix Junior Member

    Feb 2, 2009
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    Gone To The Dark Side
    Create you own offers

    Simple Xfactor splash page email box 2nd page, sms competition:

    "who won last years Xfactor " "text a b or c to xyz for your chance to win "some prize" "texts cost 50p £1 or £1.50 what ever you decide"

    when then text your short code have an upsell in your reply with some thing like "thank you for you entry text xyz back to double you chance of ing a winner and enter our holiday for 2 prize draw"


    Simple Xfactor branded pole page with email submit with you free trial offer after the pole


    Xfactor branded scratch card page with "Win xyz"

    with a script simlar to "
    " (not my script never used it)

    have every loose come up with a CPA offer some thing like:

    "your a winner enter email to claim your prize" email them a CPA offer in a post card style email with you a winner splash design"

    "You Won £5 to play on xyz bingo click here to claim" with a link to your cpa bingo offer that has free £5 play at sign up


    "You won one month free trial with net flix or love film click here to claim with your cpa link" or any other free trial offer


    you would need to check with phone pay plus on this next one on how blackhat it may be

    on your looser page have

    "Congratulations your a winner call "some premium rate number :callyou:"

    with prize number to claim your prize get them on the phone ask for the prize number tell them they won a months free trial with what ever or money to play on what ever cpa offer

    ask for their email then email them the link your cpa offer as there Prize


    see where that gets you might add some more ramblings later
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2010