UK opportunity - 462k page views (community, lead generation, technical) : no black hat

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    yes; no black may think its a bit strange posting this in BHW, but the level of intelligence here is generally a lot higher than on the various "white hat". This just isn't a black hat project...perhaps a little grey; but def not "black".

    What I have:

    A new (1month old) UK based website with a large number of visitors (around 100k). These visitors are into free stuff, entering prize draws, saving money, celeb gossip & possibly bingo. The site has not really been monetised yet. The site has potential for many more visitors & currently has 13,000 registrations (name, age, gender, location) - around 10k are on a mailing list. The privacy policy is relaxed, however I do not intend to exploit it - my intention is to build up the site & flip it for a sizeable sum.

    What I am looking for:

    High quality tech team who have ability to re-build a site with SEO & speed in mind, also custom tracking analytics to track behaviour. UX/UI must be slick. Should have initiative and bring ideas to the table.

    Marketer with experience in monetising these types of sites (gossip community sites) areas of expertise would be social media, community building, newsletters, lead generation, affiliate marketing, advertising etc.

    What I am offering:

    Ideally I am looking for co-founders; people who will have a vested interest in the business on a revenue-share basis, however I am also open to paying for services. I would prefer those involved to be in the UK/Ireland as the target market is UK and deals with UK current affairs.

    Please only reply/contact me if you have experience behind you and are able to provide some form of proof of past achievements. I will be unable to reply to pm's which to not provide relevant information and do not seem to have read the entire post.