UK Finance website in need of help - What would you do better if you was me?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by skud1976, Jun 29, 2012.

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    Hi guys I am working on a nice finance website ( this site will not allow me to post link but if you type in Niche Advice in google you will see the site) which is very content rich with original and relevant topics, the site is built in wordpress and on page looks pretty good.
    The problem is back links hence the PRO site . Although the site is around 3 years old we have really only been working on it this year and we now get around 1000 organic visitors a month. my question to you is
    what would you do if you was me and was tasked with driving more treafic to the site..

    would you

    1_ pay for links. e.g textlinks, post link or linkbrokers? and which ones have you found to be good ( dont want ot get banned)
    2) how would you add more backlinks from qulaity sites
    3) Any suggestions on which directories paid or free i should be on to help with seo- have tried Dmoz but think that will have to wait a while.
    4)I really need to get the page rank up not sure why its still 0 as it?s a quality site

    would be interested what you would do to get this blog ranking for the main keywords in mainly mortgages

    Thanks and fire away -
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    Your pagerank is zero because it is largely if not solely determined by backlinks, which you don't have. With a 3 year old domain with unique, quality content you can probably be safe outsourcing some backlinking work. However you get it done, backlinks is what your site needs now my friend. Lots and lots of backlinks.