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Sep 12, 2015
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So ive spent most of this week doing the day job for NHS from 9AM till 9PM.
All i have heard in the office is every single female speaking about this shitty show called Love Island. Some males have also been speaking about it. They speak about in the same way when Big Brother first hit our screens. Continuous obsessing over the Characters.

Link Click at your own Risk >>>

Its been a while since ive seen people so obsessed over a British TV show like this. Like people from ages of 19 to 65 watch this shit. I have not seen it as it just goes against every single moral fiber in my body. What i am thinking is HOW CAN I MONETIZE???

Its not like any CPA network has any Love Island related offers. Im sure if we can come up with a way to make money from this via FB and Insta we will all make some change.