UK Cellphone Users I Need Your Help

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    Mar 30, 2011
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    hey huys anyone here with a cellphone service from the UK? i downloaded this bot im trying to get reversed engineered but the damn bot is compressed with winrar and needs me to text from a uk number to get the password for it anyways if anyone can help me out i'll share the bot with them once i get it reversed engineered and trust guys this bot is very powerful it's basically a bot that generates cash without work hint Ebay C S bot:D:cool: anyways if you can help ME Follow the instructions below

    Send SMS with the Following text:51510441819

    To Number:80079

    Cost:1.50 GBP

    i promise this would be the best investment for whoever helps me out with this rare situation and by the way the 1.50 does not go to me im only trying to get the password to the winrar file thanks again:cool:
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