Ugly Websites Method: Is a Good Way to Find Clients?

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by DaBella, Mar 26, 2011.

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    You know the method, and if not, here's a refresher.

    Pick a keyword, search it in Google, and go to any page after the 5th.

    Choose 5 to 10 websites that look really bad, and grab the contact info for the owners.

    Decide which of the websites you picked is the ugliest and redesign it. Do a quick Wordpress install and upload a nice fitting theme. That's about it, although, you can tweak the site a bit for show if you'd like.

    Contact the owner of the site and try to sell them your design. Then, use that first design to sell the rest.

    And, that's really it.

    So, has anyone actually done this? How easy is it to sell the owner on the new design, and how do you price the site? Any twists to make more money per sale, or even just to steer it in your favor?
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    Sorry I'm not much help, but this is a great idea! I would really love to hear other peoples experience on this.
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    ok.. this is an ok idea. i always prefer to do a site unique. never the same as before. unless asked by the buyer.

    i actually here about these type of people from my customers all the time.

    a unique design may make you work harder, but it earns you more.