UD article submitter better than AMR?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by GTRM3, Jun 2, 2012.

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    Is Ultimate Demon's Article Submitter better than AMR?

    How many live links are you guys getting with UD?

    Thank you
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    Hello GTR M3 :) You have an interesting question here and I am a heavy user of both softwares I'll try my best to give you a good answer.

    I dont think there you can simply draw a line and say one is better than other. Each of this 2 softwares have good features that Id love to see implemented on the other. For example I found very easy to create an article in UD. You simply enter a keyword and then get an article ..press Spin and through TheBestSpinner API the article gets spinned. then you fastly add some resource info and you are ready. The categories are mostly filled automatically etc. On AMR is quite a pain to create an article and get it done. So 1-0 for UD. However when it comes to submission AMR supports more article dirctory tipes than UD (phplink directory articles and another few). When I've imported my working list from AMR I got like 60% or less identified and working websites on UD. So 1-1 now.

    As I used AMR more I tend to find it easier to work with but I try to slowly move my projects to UD.. So AMR creator shoudl come with an update for better article creation, linking pyramids better proxy rotation etc.

    One thing I like on UD is that they let you know if Recaptcha blocked your proxies and try to use another while on AMR simply mark the website as not working failed. Took me days to understand why when I start to create accounts I get a lot of successes while from the middle of the list till the end I barrely get few.

    At the moment I'm getting around 700 succesefull submissions with AMR and around 170 auto approve live links.
    Hope I answered your question.
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    Another nice feature of UD, is that you can clone a task. I like to make one super spun article, set up my Web 2.0 task, and then clone it to my wiki task and article task. You can quickly set up multiple blasts.

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    I don't use AMR anymore.. only UD and magic submitter. In my opinion if you have UD, you don't need a software like AMR.