u2b views spark 'BOT/SPIDER' emails

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Dissentmatrix, Nov 24, 2013.

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    Oct 19, 2013
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    So I used U2B views to generate over 120,000 views on my channel, which netted me about $30.

    The problem is that I got 9 emails about bot/spider activity on my channel.

    What are good sources of youtube traffic that won't cause this?

    And what if someone else decides to do this to me? How do I defend myself against googlenet? (skynet)

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    Feb 28, 2013
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    Could you please post the emails? Just simply curious about what they say.

    Well, I've been using u2bviews for a long time. Fact is, lots of people are getting their videos deleted and accounts banned from using this service (just check their official facebook page). The way I usually do this is: Upload a video on private without any monetization. As soon as the video is fully uploaded, tags and thumbnails are added, I put it public. Then, I go to u2bv and add around 350 views only. No other options selected. Boost the video once, after three hours and the result is ~5000 views. After all the views are delivered, I monetize the video. I would say don't use the comments, they all get deleted and it might be a "bot" flag.

    I heard enhance views is really good. But if I ever get a video deleted by any of these services I'll just buy views from a good provider from BHW.

    Hope this helped a bit.
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    Aug 18, 2013
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    Haven't heard of this yet. u2bviews are pretty trashy to begin with anyway. Other sources could be Vagex, enhanceviews & addmefast
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    Vagex has closed registration.


    Regarding your account: ***
    This following video was found in Violation of TOU #4 Section H:

    "You agree not to use or launch any automated system, including without limitation, "robots," "spiders," or "offline readers," that accesses the Service in a manner that sends more request messages to the YouTube servers in a given period of time than a human can reasonably produce in the same period by using a conventional on-line web browser. Notwithstanding the foregoing, YouTube grants the operators of public search engines permission to use spiders to copy materials from the site for the sole purpose of and solely to the extent necessary for creating publicly available searchable indices of the materials, but not caches or archives of such materials. YouTube reserves the right to revoke these exceptions either generally or in specific cases. You agree not to collect or harvest any personally identifiable information, including account names, from the Service, nor to use the communication systems provided by the Service (e.g., comments, email) for any commercial solicitation purposes. You agree not to solicit, for commercial purposes, any users of the Service with respect to their Content."
    Violation of the policy above has resulted in the removal and reupload of your video(s). Additional account violations of Terms of Use #4 Section H will result in account suspension. Many users trust outside marketers who claim to increase views, subscribers, likes, etc., but
    each user is ultimately responsible for the activity on his or her account, as well as for knowing and abiding by YouTube's Terms of Use. This includes understanding the nature of the traffic on his or her channel and making sure any hired service providers comply with YouTube's Terms of Use.
    For more information about how to appeal the video removal(s), visit this page in the Help Center:
    Please note that deleting the video(s) will not resolve the Terms of Use violation and it will prevent YouTube from reinstating the video(s), even if the appeal(s) would otherwise have been successful. You may also reupload the removed video(s) providing you do not violate YouTube's Terms of Use.
    As a courtesy, we have reuploaded your video(s) here:

    Please note that the video exists at a new URL. Please also note that all previous views, likes, and comments have been removed.
    The YouTube Team

    The appeal form has like 20 boxes u have to fill out.

    This means other people could launch bot attacks against you, and you would have a tough time convincing the googleplex you aren't just bsing them.


    What kind of traffic do you get after boosting them? I have a lot of videos with 4k views getting 0 traffic because of it.

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    The same thing is happening all over the board and even the big players were effected. At this time I can't recommend any views provider.