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    Yesterday I recd one mail in my inbox stated U.S CALL REVIEW PROCESS, details given below:
    a. Work load ? (Un-limited)
    b. Shift timing ? (7pm to 6am )
    c. Payment ? Weekly Payment

    Online work Benefits :-
    a. No targets.
    b. Unlimited work.
    c. Weekly payment.
    d. Reward money.

    Work Details :-
    a. There will be an official website to login.
    b. Username and password will be provided.
    c. Training and support will be provided.
    d. There will be a voice conversation between client & customer.
    e. We have to listen the conversation which is connected & there will be 4 to 5 options

    For Example :-
    After listening the conversation
    1) Select the option in between 0 sec to 10sec & 10sec to 29sec.
    2) Option like call not connected, not the right person or left the message.

    Payment Details :-
    a. If you work for 8-10 hours you can earn up to 1000/-per day
    b. One agent can handle 750 to 1000 calls per day
    c. Per call payout is Rs 1.20 to 2.00 max depending open the category.
    d. The mode of payment will be weekly (Monday or Tuesday, It will be directly transferred to your bank account from client.

    Project procurement :-
    a. Consultancy Charges 1,50,000/- (One Lakh Fifty Throusand Rupees Only ) (10 Seats)
    b. IFSC codes
    c. Pan card copy
    d. Bank Account
    e. Bank account Postal address

    Note: Bank account name and Pan card Name should match exactly.
    Please find the US Inbound project details given below and attachment demo video for details..Reviewing CallsRoll your mouse over your name in the top right corner, and select the ?Review Calls? tab from the drop down menu. You will be redirected to the Review calls page, where you can select the category you would like to begin reviewing in. Before starting you will be redirected to an overview that outlines how to review calls in that specific category. You will be asked to initial the instructions at the bottom of the page, and then you will be ready to start reviewing calls.What is my accuracy, and how is accuracy determined
    Accuracy scores display the percentage of your reviewed calls that have been audited and found to be accurately reviewed. Accuracy is not solely based on your reviews alone. Instead, it will be based on the audits conducted on the reviews that you have performed in the most recent two week period.
    Audits do not always happen immediately. If you do not see your accuracy changing, it is possible that you have not had a recent audit in the category that you are focusing on. Please also consider the number of calls you have reviewed. If you have reviewed a large number of calls, then the volume of audits will probably be large as well. Because of this, an audit may show very little effects on that percentage.Payments:Payments are made to PayPal only. In order to request your earnings, you need to earn a minimum of $10. Once you have reached that minimum of $10, a ?request a payout? link will appear next to your currently unpaid balance. Select this link, and then confirm the payout request. Payouts must be requested by 12:00 PM EST (US) on Monday in order to be processed during the pay period for that week.Reminder: You are only allowed to make one payout request per pay period.Bonuses provided
    We provide random bonuses for accuracy as well as leader board bonuses. The leader board represents the daily top 15 earners, and the order is determined by the number of calls that have been reviewed for that day. The bonus for being on the leader board is dependent upon the ranking that is achieved.


    So need your advice it is fake or genuine as the person is asking consultancy 1,50,000 (INR One Lac Fifty Thousand approx USD 2500.00).

    Hope to get your advice or any other source for the same work, if you know.


    PS: Admin - I am very sorry if posted on wrong place or wrong title.

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    Theatre of dreams :)
    STAY AWAY is all i can say!
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    Hey Amar, save your hard earned 1.5 lakh Rupees. Just delete the email and move on. 100% fake.