u*ltra*health0network*com conversions absolutely suck!

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    Has anyone had any experience with u*ltra*health0network*s?

    They offer the D*[email protected] colon cleanse product as well as products like Hoodia prime to name two.

    I'v been with them for over a year and have yet to get one sale. I have emailed them over 4 times in the past 6 months about why their products dont convert. No response.

    They also have the worst dashboard i have ever seen for any affiliate network. Its extremely user unfriendly. You have to deploy creatives. Why cant they just say, create a campaigns? Whats with all the big words? The only thing i see in my dashboard are clicks and nothing else. No referrals no impressions nothing yet these are supposed to be working.

    anyway, they have a stinking attitude too. They state your account will be terminated if you dont received at least one click every 60 days. HUH?

    They will terminate and suspend your account if you say something in your adwords along the lines of;

    Is <insert product name here> a scam?

    and you MUST list their product as the BEST #1 product on your landing page. If you dont they will terminate your account.

    What kind of company is this?

    No conversions with a bad attitude.

    Anyone see any conversion on their [email protected] colon cleanse product? They claim its the best selling colon cleanse product on the market.

    Now last year my sales on Adwords totaled $1**k so i would like to think i am experienced in creating landing pages for products that convert but hell if i can make i sale from this network.
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