Twtzilla got Facebook Support Now, Manage your Twitter and FB accounts from One Place

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    Hey Guys,

    We are happy to announce that Twtzilla got Facebook support now, from today rather. You can manage both Twitter and Facebook accounts now with Twtzilla.

    Disclaimer : This is not a blackhat tool like tweetattacks.

    But if you really know how to engage people on twitter and facebook and need a great tool to set and forget, Twtzilla is for you. You can manage unlimited accounts using the system.

    We are taking free trial registrations for your feedback here -

    Give me your feedback on how to improve the service. For those who dont want to invest upfront but only taste the waters of social marketing, try to create a trial account and try the service. It is free for lifetime but has only 1 account limitation.

    You will need to upgrade if you want to use this tool commercially. I/or my partner shall be posting a BST thread soon(Hope it gets approved fast :)) for this.

    Your friend from India!


    Disclaimer : I am not the owner of this service anymore, but I follow/promote it religiously since I coded it with my team.