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Two Similar Sites: Should I 301 A->B or Place Contextual Backlink On A->B?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Thesiege84, Dec 23, 2015.


Should i 301 A->B or place Contextual Links instead...?

  1. 301 Site A->B

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  2. Contextual Links from A->B

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  3. Neither, keep them seperate and promote both..

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  1. Thesiege84

    Thesiege84 Regular Member

    May 5, 2009
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    Money Churner
    Churning Money
    Hi Everyone,

    I have two very similar websites both targeting the same keywords and they are both doing... ok i should say, both have a fair few keywords on page 2 but i'm thinking of combining the power of them both into 1 site and not sure if its even a good idea and if you think it is how to do it...

    Do you think its more beneficial to 301 Site A to Site B or to place contextual backlinks (main kw anchor) on site A pointing to site B?

    Both sites have the same kind of backlink profile and were started around the same time....

    So there you have it, short and sweet but could really help me out!
  2. seoassasian

    seoassasian Newbie

    Oct 25, 2015
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    Nowdays anchor text is matter if your target specific. We always made big mistake by placing anchor text ratio (if those huge) and domain IPs.

    I have an idea about build quality backlinks or improve ranking:
    Money site <- web2.0 <- forum signature link+profile link+article submission link+yahoo answer link (create thousands of view) <-Social bookmarking <- Quality indexer.

    You can get rank easily if your keyword competition medium or high. In my experience Google don't like huge backlinks, but backlinks building is the most important part of search engine ranking. Now days technologies updated their technology, we can made their updated technology black or white. In this world too many seo guys doing blackhat seo using porn gumbling/pbn sites for down another site rank, but we can down another competitor site by whitehat seo....like: if i can grow up your targeted keyword ratio (better than natural links) by building ******** backlinks so that your website will be down automatically within a week.
    I have a query about your target, did you use different IP address? If both website IP are different then -- Contextual Links from A->B

    And another like Neither, keep them seperate and promote both..so that benefits from both