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two questions about google adwords vouchers and Banned accounts?

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by johnpatty123, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. johnpatty123

    johnpatty123 Newbie

    Aug 17, 2013
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    I have two questions,

    1) I have 17 $100 coupons for google adwords and i understand that you need 1 account for each coupon and $25 to spend before you can activate the coupon, now can i use the same credit card for all 17 accounts ? or do i need to use 17 different credit cards? and if i have to use different credit cards, what do you suggest? what about vccs?

    2) I have a adwords account banned but i know that i can get it unbanned and ask for a re-review but thats not what i want.
    If u have a banned adwords account how can you create a new one so that google does not know that that you just made a new one.

    Can you use the same credit card that was banned on another account into your new account and also couldnt i just use a VPS to solve my banned issue?
  2. wtgabc

    wtgabc Junior Member

    Sep 11, 2011
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    IF you are going to be ethical then YES you can use your own credit card.. I manage adword accounts for a living (For Local Businesses) and on many (about 20-25) of them I am using my own business Card. I bill those clients seprately for the Adwords cost + My management fees and Pay to google from My card. They have no problem with this setup.

    Now by ethical I mean to say If you are going to use the accounts for a legit purpose (You know what it means). if the sole purpose for these accounts will be spend the voucher amount and delete then it wont take time for the review team to figure that out and further ban all accounts with same Card details.

    VCC works well if you like to use. Just be sure NOT to use a Fake address which is far away from your IP address location.
    While I don't give evil suggestions I guess you got the idea.

    Depends why the first account was banned in the first place.. Post that and I might answer.
    In most of the cases NO.

    How does the VPS come here ? if you are wishing you could hide away with using a different IP then that wont work. If they have to review your account a VPS IP will simply shouts its a Datacenter IP = Proxy.

    Instead signup for MCC (Google for link i cannot post) and create those child accuonts right from your own Machine using the same card - The only condition is - Don't be evil :)