Two or more links from the same domain?

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    1 If you have two links on the same page going to another website except each of the links is linking to a different page on the website that its going to. Do both of the links count the same as if you have two websites linking to two different pages on this one website?

    2. Now what if you had one website with two different pages linking to another website's one page. Sort of like a mini site wide link? What are your thoughts on that.

    3. And thirdly same scenario as in 1. except two different pages on one domain linking to two different pages on the second doman.
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    1. I think that's fine. I actually just did that in a bunch of links. Did one to main URL and one to inner page.
    2. I think that would be fine too, thought Google might cut some of the value down.
    3. Probably same as #2. Think about it like this. If you have SiteA, with 20 incoming links and they are all from SiteB, it'll have more value than just one link coming from SiteB, but not as much value as 20 links coming from 20 different sites (with similar value).

    Just my opinion.
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