two developer accounts...Could there be a problem?

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by Gonzag, May 17, 2018.

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    Hello everyone, I'm quite new in this world of apps.
    I commented: I opened a developer account, in which I tried to upload an app 2 times (different package name) and I was suspended.
    Then I uploaded another two and passed that filter without problems.
    Then, I reported on the subject, and I read that on the 3rd strike your account and data are banned from Google.
    Then, I decided to open another developer account, to my same name. In this I have 3 apps uploaded without any problems.
    In the future (charges) this could bring me problems? have 2 developer accounts with the same name

    Thanks for taking your time reading this, have a nice day!
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    Well having multiple accounts won't hurt you. Though they do know for sure that you have multiple accounts. If one account get's banned it will not take long for the other accounts to get flagged either.

    So if you run multiple accounts with legit applications and no reason to look "shady" with your apps you will have no problems. If you do have shady apps it will only take a while until they take down everything.

    One thing i learned about Google Play is make sure to follow all the rules 100%. Things like re-skinning a popular app will get you into trouble. My experience, it's not worth the risk.

    I once had a great android application portfolio netting me more than EUR 500 a day but i knew it was't all 100% legit. Few months later everything got taken down.

    Trust me you don't want your revenue depending on a thin line and a ban waiting one way or another.
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