Two automated, non-aggressive sites


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Nov 30, 2023
My two automated, non-aggressive sites. Both are planned according to the formula of average growth in the niche, smooth curves of text and link growth. Only need to collect and replenish the base of texts and media for automatic posting every three months.

During the Google update period in March, aggressive sites flew out in front of them, as a result, these two sites grew dramatically. But this won't last long, they will soon get back in line and so will run smoothly for a few years.

1. Auto parts niche


2. Real estate niche.

That's interesting. I guess, with Google knowing about these spam sites, the only thing you can do is stay under the radar. Do you manually edit the auto-generated content?
They don't have AI created content on them, but collected original content from various sources. It doesn't need to be edited.
You need to collect new data once every three months for the next 3 months of automated posting.
So like text aggregated article site. No citations to the original source?

What percentage of text do you take from each site?
So like text aggregated article site. No citations to the original source?

What percentage of text do you take from each site?
These sites are not infos, they are narrowly focused commercial sites, so there is no formula for how much text to take. You need to take all available information on the topic. And every time you need to take all the appeared updates in this topic, so every 3 months you get the latest news in the topic, and they are then automatically placed on the pages of the site.
As I keep saying, if these sites are aggressive in the sense that they just used AI text that is scraped with absolutely no human editorial intervention, it's only a matter of time until the combination of Google's updates will catch up to them.

In fact, it's getting harder and harder to hide from Google starting with RankBrain.

With Google Panda and Penguin, it was fairly easy to circumvent Google.

But with RankBrain and also the recent crackdown on expired domains, it becomes harder and harder to play the old game and expect the old results.

Look up a YouTube video on a guy who posted 7000 AI posts and the results that he got. The first few months were very encouraging, but it all came crashing down.

So the key here is to focus on quality.

I'm not saying completely destroy your AI strategy, but focus on the distinction between AI-enhanced content and fully AI-generated content.

Obviously, it's beginning to look like Google is cracking down on the latter and not on the former.
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