Twitter Users Push Boundaries & Get Fired or Arrested

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    Twitter Users Push The Boundaries of Appropriate Social Media Use
    by Rodney Chester of The Courier-Mail
    Sept. 2010

    YOU have chest pains, you're having trouble breathing and you have enough knowledge of things medical to suspect you're having a heart attack.

    What do you do? On Monday, Tommy Christopher, a White House correspondent for, was in that position and decided to pick up his smart phone and start tweeting.

    "I gotta be me. Livetweeting my heart attack. Beat that!" he wrote at first.

    Then it was an update when help arrived. "Paramedics think I will live," he tweeted. They probably thought he was something else too for not putting his phone down.

    Later, he complained that his heart attack was substandard. "Most deadpan heart attack ever," he wrote.

    If you're going to tweet on a near-death experience, are there any limits to appropriate topics for social media?

    A study in the Medical Protection journal published earlier this year found that, at least for many people, the answer is no. The study found there had been a string of privacy infringements by medical staff on social networking sites, with trainee doctors the biggest offenders.

    Privacy is not the only problem. Seven doctors were suspended from the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, London, for joining in the Facebook phenomena called the Lying Down Game. The staff took turns to photograph themselves on places such as resuscitation trolleys and upload it to Facebook.

    Maybe they were too young to remember the Julia Roberts flick when trainee medics got fun out of flat lining.

    We have found 10 cases where social networking has gone a step too far.

    No holds barred . . .

    1. Last year computer programmer Dana Hanna decided to stop halfway through his wedding, surprising both his guests and his bride, so he could tweet the news and update his Facebook status.

    "Standing at the altar with @TracyPage where just a second ago, she became my wife! Gotta go, time to kiss my bride.#weddingday" he tweeted.

    2. In 2008, the Rocky Mountain News faced fierce criticism for sending a reporter to tweet during the funeral of a three-year-old boy.

    3. Generally, it is not considered good manners to tweet on the toilet. With every rule there is an exception and Twitter saved one Japanese man earlier this year.

    He found himself in a public toilet without any toilet paper and tweeted on his predicament. He was rescued within 20 minutes.

    4. Do not use electrical appliances near water. A Romanian teenager was killed last year when she was using a plugged-in laptop to tweet while in the bath.

    5. A study released last year found 36% of people under 35 admit to checking Facebook, texting, or tweeting right after sex.

    Interestingly, iPhone users were three times more like to post "I've just done it" tweets than BlackBerry users, but then the iPhone users would probably say BlackBerry blokes aren't getting any.

    6. A self-described anarchist was arrested last year after tweeting the location of police officers so G20 protesters could avoid them. Unfortunately for him, police use Twitter, too.

    7. Don't tweet and drive. High-profile Beverly Hills medico Frank Ryan, plastic surgeon to Heidi Montag, was killed last month, apparently because he was tweeting about his border collie while driving. The dog, which was in the car, survived.

    8. Don't tweet in church, unless it's OK. A report last year detailed the efforts some churches were going to encourage tweeting but not everyone is a fan. "I was in the back of the sanctuary tweeting the sermon and an usher came over and told me I couldn't do that there," said a member of the congregation at the Agape International Spiritual Church. "They thought I was violating the copyright."

    9. A person offered a job at an IT firm tweeted "now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty pay cheque against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work". The company saw the tweet and made the decision for him.

    10. National Public Radio reporter Peter Sagal was at an airport lounge buffet. "Another day, another Red Carpet Club, another shocking number of bananas stuffed into my bag," he tweeted.

    It was a tweet too far because within 45 minutes he got a reply from @UnitedAirlines: "Put the bananas down and step away from the Red Carpet Club. We have been on to you for weeks.
    Does NPR not feed you?"