Twitter Mass Direct Messages?

i agree Direct messages are totally pointless really Twitter can block them so easily
Oh and there is an app on here somewhere for free that does that, i know because i have it downloaded and its on my computer with all the other apps and programs i don't have time to look at as i'm too busy reading these boards LOL :D

do you know how it's called?
Seems someone has beat you to the punch....

I have not been able to test it, because they are in closed beta and signups are closed. But I have reason to believe, that they don't really manage the outgoing DMs, so it could be that they crash on the api-wall and never are sent.
thanks for the tip - just went and signed up for an invitation at tweetmanage - lol :)
I don't mean to be rude, but I think tweetmanager is a scam. I signed up for the beta and some dude emails me and tells me to watch his bs seminar.
Read the article of a script i wrote
You might split your followers into lists of 250 and send a list per day. You might use several accounts and send 250 x "x" accounts per day.
Now i give you the usage for free of this script, you tell me what worth putting in those messages.
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