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Jul 14, 2014
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I'm one of 15 lucky winners in Indianbill007 and PowerUp Hosting's giveaway of 2 months free VPS and TWT Dominator. I don't do a lot of posts here but I sure do a lot of reading and trying new methods.
I spent most of the day setting up the VPS and Twtdominator software, At this stage I would really like to thank Indianbill007 and Power up hosting for giving me this opportunity and I found them both to be very helpful and cool guys.
So far I have opened 5 twitter accounts and played with twtdominator. Once I learn how this software works I will start building up the accounts and opening more accounts as I have 10 proxies to play with.
I have 5 different blogs that are a mixture of adsense and selling items.
I will update this thread as things progress... stay tuned.
What have you in mind for the future of this method?

Would wait for your next update?
Good luck, will be starting my journey thread soon.
What have you in mind for the future of this method?

Would wait for your next update?

Mainly concentrating on getting the traffic and seeing what sells best, then I will concentrate on that method. still working it out at the moment but my main idea is build traffic and go from there.
Nice one. Keep it up. My plan is same build the traffic to blogs and youtube channels.
Today I scraped a few huge lists of people to follower and set my six accounts on auto for adding followers. I also created several thousand tweets that look quite normal and not looking like spam. I then set one account to tweet them at intervals and the other accounts to retweet the posts, so I have six accounts spreading the product and URLs. next I plan on making comments for a different niche and setting up a similar setup.

update again soon.
small update:
I now have 56 accounts setup and running. even though the tasks are mostly automated it still is a bit of work keeping up with all the accounts, scaping followers, creating tweets etc. I am still spending most of the time building up the followers and have progressed on to also sending out text tweets, pic tweets and video tweets, which is even more work to get enough to go around all the accounts.
just a small update:
now running 82 accounts, 40 of them are named around the same niche, where I tweet articles from several of my websites. traffic to the websites are starting to increase and I am getting sales for items I am selling for $200 and buying from the manufacturer for $29, so a nice little profit so far. I also run adsense on the websites but not concentrating on that, adsense is an added profit. the rest of the accounts are shared between 4 other niches.
I want to eventually get to 100 accounts but amount of proxies are a problem at the moment. If anyone has some spare proxies or cheap proxies they would like to donate to me, or do a deal for some accounts let me know. I would really appreciate the help.

This isn't as easy as it seems because several of the chosen 15 have stopped working their accounts, but I am determined to keep it going on my end. Never give up!
small update: I now have over 700 accounts all running on twtdominator. with those accounts I have 50,000 real followers. it is a slow process to get over the 2001 bump, but I guess that is all part of the challenge
Can you give us detailed stats ?

Accounts, followers
visits, revenues

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