Twitter is no longer fee

I'm regularly amused when random nobodies on the internet calling low IQ a self-made billionnaire.
You're right, I'm nobody, my family wasn't rich and I didn't inherit anything from anyone... if I had a golden cradle like the billionaire you love, maybe I'd be somebody...
using twiter today but nothing about receiving charges or subscriptions, if that ever happen even if is a charge of $1 people will move to another platform, I'll do it but that move will be the death of twitter now X.
That's stoopid. Most of the spamming is coming from blue check accounts, they are adding all fresh trends in the tweet so random garbage coming up on every search, totally unrelated. He will never set bots out, nor he care much about it.
I don't think the subscription is mandatory on every user, I do manage to use my account without subscription. Any penalty for not subscribe?
I'm regularly amused when random nobodies on the internet calling low IQ a self-made billionnaire.

Gimma e ...E...
Gimma l....L...
Gimma o......O...
Gimma n...Gimma N..

What does that spell ? LMAO ... o_Oo_O
I use it and didnt pay . Yes some features are paid and it sucks. But the whole platform is not behind a paywall . YET !!
I think Elon has said at one time or another that he would turn X into a paid site to see if that gets rid of bots, but it hasn't been official yet and there isn't even a date for it to be implemented, so for now it's still free.
There are so many SAAS products that relied on free Twitter api that had to drop twitter support or increase subscriptions.

Reddit also did that and several subs had a boycott.

I think we are at a point we need to accept that free things are no more. To the business owner it makes sense.
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