Twitter Hit With First Libel Suit

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    Courtney Love Sued For Libel by Designer Who Claims She Launched a Hate Campaign Against Her on Twitter...

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 11:45 AM on 29th March 2009

    Libel action: Courtney Love is being sued by a designer who claims that she has attempted to ruin her reputation

    It has become one of the most popular social networking site for the stars but now Twitter is hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons as it appears to have sparked its first libel action courtesy of singer Courtney Love.

    The 44-year-old is being sued by a fashion designer who alleges that she has attempted a smear campaign against her.

    Dawn Simorangkir claims the Hole singer 'has embarked in what is nothing short of an obsessive and delusional crusade to terrorize and destroy' her in court papers filed last week at the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

    The suit cites remarks from Love's Twitter and MySpace pages, and in the feedback section of

    It said the mother of one called Ms Simorangkir a 'nasty lying hosebag thief' and accused her of being a drug addict and a prostitute.

    Simorangkir says that Courtney has attempted to ruin her business and destroy her good name and is suing for invasion of privacy, as well as emotional distress.

    According to a report in The Independent, court papers laying out the claim state: 'Whether caused by drug-induced psychosis, a warped understanding of reality, or the belief that money and fame allow her to disregard the law, Love has embarked on what is nothing short of an obsessive and delusional crusade to destroy Ms Simorangkir's reputation and her livelihood.' has grown over 600% in the past year. Users include the BBC and Barack Obama

    The designer says that Courtney turned against her after she billed the singer in February for around $4,000. of clothes she had made for her.

    Before that, Courtney had been buying ready-made items from the fashion website on which Ms Simorangkir trades.

    Courtney contacted the designer and flew her to Los Angeles last November and in January to give her bags of remnants to turn into bespoke garments.

    The court documents say that Courtney was furious that Ms Simorangkir stopped working for her after she failed to pay her bill; this led to 'an intense level of animosity ... well beyond what any reasonable person would consider acceptable behavior'.
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    i'm sure twitter didn't expect this kind of growth....