Twitter Course Free Traffic - Adbluemedia - CPA COURSE

1. I understand your lack of English may prevent you from speaking in the video, but spell things properly. AI can assist you with that. It is not good prich but good prich.
2. This is a 47 minute very boring video that basically shows what you do to get traffic on Twitter.
3. Are you selling a Twitter course? Then why in the title, do you say Instagram and yet the title say Twitter?
4. When you follow the link, it is simp;y taking one to a what's app download with no idea what you are getting yourself into.
5. I would personally stay away from it.
Actually this was impressive. Guy barely speaks any english, has no technical skills, the way he works generally lacks…everything, and he still gets to pocket some cpa money. Not much, but more than 0. I especially recommend watching the way he creates his landers, super cringeworthy and hilarious.
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