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Twitter Auto Follow + Twitter Auto Tweet IMACROS Script for my friends of BHW ... :)

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by freddsem, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. freddsem

    freddsem Registered Member

    Feb 20, 2013
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    I have been searching a lot for this , but I think I finally got with great results. As you know , auto tweet and auto follow is a problem for us since tweet adder stopped working. However I came up with a solution.

    First , you need MOZILLA FIREFOX and have IMACROS PLUGIN installed on it ( I don´t know why I can´t do this with Chrome )

    Then you need this script I will show you right now :

    -For Auto Follow ( English language )

    - For AutoFollow ( Spanish language)

    If you can´t with the first one, try the second one. Its kind of weird because in my desk computer I can do this with the SPANISH one; and in my laptop I can with the ENGLISH one.

    As you can see , the follows vary between 1 - 15 seconds , I put this to make harder to detect that this is automated , sometimes it will need 5 , 3 , 11 , 10 , ect.

    You Have to PLAY AS LOOP , and choose the number of loops if you want to follow 200 or 300, ect .

    IMPORTANT: This has only ONE problem. If you already follow any user, it will UNFOLLOW . So be careful please. I can´t get to a solution if you know it please share it :)

    - For AUTO TWEET
    As you can see I put two tweets one with a delay of 300 seconds, and other of 180 seconds.
    I have a very large script, because I continue this way for every single tweet , I copy and paste from
    " VERSION BUILD=8300326 RECORDER=FX " to "WAIT SECONDS=x" ; until I am happy with the number of tweets.

    We have to make sure that every tweet is different , because then we will have problems with
    " Ups.. You already tweeted that" , so be careful.

    As a advice, you can make 2 scripts, each one with different groups of tweets and different number of seconds in "WAIT SECONDS"

    You can play it ONCE ( No loop ), because the period of time depends of the number of tweets you will put in the script.

    Hope you enjoy this . See ya !
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  2. craigmoney

    craigmoney Newbie

    Aug 16, 2011
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    The Auto Tweet was exactly what I was looking for thanks! I spent a while trying to figure out a way of doing this. Your approach was quite the creative one! I really like the elaborate html selector ;) And for anyone that wants to use a csv to write your tweets here is code I am using with the method of auto tweet mentioned above.
    I have a two column csv inside my DataSource Folder (default folder for setting Datasource.) Column one is my tweet, Column 2 is a url. Setup a random number for wait.

    SET !DATASOURCE twitterpost.csv
    SET !LOOP 1
    SET !VAR1 EVAL("var randomNumber=Math.floor(Math.random()*100 + 100); randomNumber;")
    EVENT TYPE=CLICK SELECTOR="#tweet-box-mini-home-profile" BUTTON=0
    EVENTS TYPE=KEYPRESS SELECTOR="#tweet-box-mini-home-profile" CHARS={{!COL1}}<SP>{{!COL2}}
    EVENT TYPE=CLICK SELECTOR="#page-container>DIV>DIV>DIV:nth-of-type(3)>FORM>DIV:nth-of-type(2)>DIV:nth-of-type(2)>BUTTON" BUTTON=0