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    Here is a method i call the twitter attack (cool name hey?)

    it is basically a methods to get a lot of hits on your site pretty quickly without to much work. its not the most targeted traffic, but traffic is traffic right

    firstly, dont do this with your real twitter account, because no doubt, you will be getting banned eventually. also, dont use your real email account
    here it is:

    create a new gmail account
    create a new twitter account with your new gmail account
    use a pic of a sexy vixen

    go to and set up an auto response for people who follow you. just a message saying something like "thanks for the follow, please check out my site"

    now, cruise over to and mass follow as many people as you can. loads of people will automatically follow you back

    keep repeating this step until you have at least 1000 followers (should take about 3 days)

    you can choose to stop at this point, but thats not much of a twitter attack, and thats what this method is right? so....

    login to your twitter
    in the what you doing now thingy, type in your message you want to attack with. just your sites URL usually works. DO NOT PRESS UPDATE JUST YET

    when you are happy with your message, click on somebodies profile pic, or any other link that will take you off the page

    now press back in your browser

    your tweet will still be in the update box right? yes

    now press update. wait for it to update your wall (or whatever its called).
    now press forward in your browser, as soon as the page starts loading press back again, your tweet will still be in the update box. press update

    repeat this as quick as you can for as long as you can

    you will basically flood everybody who is following you's walls with your link
    you will definetly get banned pretty quick, but keep going until you do

    like i said, not the most targetted traffic, but people will click :)
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    Lol :d
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    haha, interesting...not sure how many people would click your link when they see its spammed like crazy...but interesting.