Today was fun, almost 20 verifications all via sms. From the reverifications I geuss I have around 3500-4000 followers. I added only two links per day on my tweets, now I'm downloading pics for posting.
I went to reverify on of my accounts and I have this message:
Your account (@----------) is currently suspended. For more information, please visit Suspended Accounts.
Can I somehow unsuspend this account? Anyone has any expirience with this?
I got permanent block on other 12 account ( also on main one).
Since thursday the earning were 0.045$ a day :D
Since I lost main a other account I have probably dropped back to 4500followers.
Also I'm trying new method to monetize these accs.
I've setted up 10 new posts my new method of monetizing, so I'm posting just 10 links a day, each post is using different shortening service.
I've created 5 new accs today and exchanged them for the blocked ones + 15 verifications. I also added 20 campaigns, each will post once a day, with unique link and it is scheduled for next 3 months.. I have around 100-200 visitors on site, but 0 visitors to my offer..
Still verifiin accs like crazy and creating new ones because I'm getting blocked, but hopefully in next 30 days i will find good enought settings so I keep my accs.
I'm sending 30 links from main acc and hopefully retweeting all of them.
I got my first conversion :)
Earnings: 0.50 $ :D
So far I ahve earned only 1.52$ in total with OG ads. On average I would say that I'm running 80 accounts, because I have to reverify 10-20 accs every day and createa 1-3 beacause some got blocked. My main account got blocked in total of 3 times.
I will try this for next 60 days if the earnings won't get better I will probably stop. Or I will try to link to adsense site, since i put only one ad on my prelender site and I have 48 clicks in last 8 days on it.
I messed up, I did not keep up with this journey, because I found another great method.
But I'm back, I have just reverified over 30 accoutns.
From what I saw, I have several accounts with 100-400 followers. So my rought estimate is that I have around 10K followers in total.
I'm sending links 30-45 times a day from main accounts and I would say that atleast 60% of my pics are not blocked, which is great.

Btw: Is there any way of retreiving SUSPENDED Accounts? Because when I log in it says currently suspended...
Or should I jsut delete these accs?
Anyway, I've created 5 accs today to replace the suspended ones and tomorrow I need to create 10 more
I did not update yesterday because I was transfering my MP to faster VPS.
Today I have finally replaced all suspended accounts, so I am running 101 accounts.
Also I have changed slightly my prelander page.
Todays earnings: 0$
Yestedays visitors (19/11) - 120 unique this is "record" so far
But I messed up, when I finished work at 5am yesterday I disconected a ethernet cabel from my modem, so massplanner wasn't running for past 10 hours...
20/11 - 185 unique visitors on pre lander, which is record so far, but no conversions
ogads earnings this month:2.37
14x reactivation today.
21/11 - 183 unique visitors on pre lander, which is record so far, but no conversions
ogads earnings this month:2.37
9x reactivation today.
22/11 I had 250 vistors on my prelander, but no conversions on ogads, so now i've changed prelander to redirect.
ogads earnings this month:2.37
8 x reactivation
23/11 - 267 visits (record) to my weebly, which now has autoredirect to OGADS
earnigns: 1.50 $ (So far the best day)
I'm sending around 80 posts a day and around 70-75 of them are with links
I have 50 retweets seted up, but in real life it looks each of my accs does only like 10 retweets per day, I don't know why..
24/11 - 257
earnigns: 1.55 $ (So far the best day)
13x reverifications today and one blocked account
25/11 - 211
earnigns: 1.80 $ (So far the best day)
12x reverifications today
Looks like you are slowly getting there. I wonder which converts better Tweets or DMs ? These days it's so hard to keep Twitter and IG accounts without getting suspended.
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