[twiter]list of users, how to send them product

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    Aug 27, 2011
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    I have a list of 100k accounts on twitter that are related to my niche. I was wondering how to send them a msg or mention or whatever way to send them a link.

    I did a research here on this forum and looks like there is some ways.
    What would be the best?

    Looks like I cant send mentions if I have no confirmed twitter accounts.
    So... lets say I will make 100 accounts on twitter (add pictures, backgrounds, bio`s etc)(also I confirm them by email) after few days I`ll slowly start sending mentions to that 100k users mixed with normal tweets. However it will take so much time... Is there any other way to do this faster?

    I can get tweet attacks and account creator to work. I just need to be sure that I did send my link do every person on the list.. then twitter may delete my accounts or whatever.

    any ideas guys?