Twist the method!!THINK OUT OF THE BOX!!A noobs perspective.

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    I am not really sure about the aim of this thread.As someone who had 0 knowledge of the online world I struggled to grasp the meaning behind certain things in theory and I thought I'd share my story, where I struggled and how I overcame it. I thought it might help someone who's going through a similar situation.

    So, If you're a noob like me, at some point in the recent past you stumbled upon bhw.You went into a reading frenzy studying every method you could find (even if it was from 2008) excited that you found out that people could make money online!You were so excited that you couldn't sleep at night and frankly even if you could and needed to you'd much rather spend that time reading stuff on bhw.Time passed and you finally had a vague idea of how people made money.CPA, clickbank affiliates, ppc/ppv, amazon and what not and you thought it's time to make your first attempt at IM.
    You found a method you liked copied it and tried to execute it.Inevitably, it failed.You were angry and miserable, self-conscious even because "this method is crap", "maybe it isn't possible to make money online after all", "maybe I am not cut out for this kind of job" and all that bs. You gathered your calm and tried to find out what went wrong.After reading and reading and reading some more, you realise that what you tried to do was cook by throwing a vague portion of ingredients into a bowl and hoping a fucking perfect stuffed turkey would somehow magically elapse out of that mess.

    Then, you read the magic words "Don't copy this method exactly!!TWIST IT! Think out of the box!".

    When I first read that I sat down for a moment and tried to understand what "twisting" and "thinking out of the box" meant.Not what it literally meant, my English is bad but I knew the meaning of the words.I couldn't grasp how to apply them in practice.How do I twist a method?What the hell do I need to do in order for it to work?Which parts of this method are twistable and which ones are not?And how the hell do you "twist" a method anyway?Being the noob that I am and having almost no skills that could be useful online, I even struggled to understand what constituted the box.I mean we all know that thinking out of the box is an expression that calls us to think out of the ordinary, bypassing the limitations of the situation we have at hand, but I couldn't sucessfully identify these limitations in each method, coming from a 0-knowledge-in-IM background.I couldn't tell if the reason my method was not working was a)the software suggested b)the traffic sources c)the content I decided to provide d)the fact that the method was already saturated.

    What did i do?Sat down and worked my ass off.I started testing each and every one of them individually.Found different software, tried it, method still failed.Wrote different content, failed.Used an other traffic source and BINGO.The improvement was trivial but I could see there was potential there.The method suggested that we used twitter as a traffic source.After I used a different source and saw some results I decided I should use EVERY traffic source I could.In this case:youtube+facebook+twitter+scrapped emails=almost immediate results.That was my first twist if you will.After that I decided to change the format of the content I provided in a way I thought would be more convincing.Results were even better.

    Now, the noob of our story started developing a better idea about what the limitations of each method were and how to bypass them.After that It all came naturally.I understood that using a bunch of different traffic sources was not really a twist but it helped me understand.I would see a method and I'd think of ways I thought it could work better and started twisting it (now being able to understand what twisting meant for me) or use it as an inspiration to set up a completely different method at work.

    I still don't know If and how this thread is gonna be useful to anyone, but i just wanted to share a small portion of my short journey so far in the IM world, where I hit a brick wall and tried to find a way to overcome it.A lot of us started IM at a time of financial need and I know very well that needing money urgently can make you tunnel vision on the results and forget about the ride and how important it is to go through it regardless of how bumpy it might be.But the ride is what's worth it.You learn, you apply, you fail, you learn, you test, you apply, you succeed, you scale, you saturate and then rinse and repeat.

    I hope my post was not too incoherent, English is not my mother-tongue so I hope you'll excuse me.

    Now if this helped you, go start making some $$.If it didn't help you, you're probably already making some :p