Twiends idea for making a lot of money (not tested)

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by Gradimir Stankovic, Jun 10, 2011.

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    So probably most of you guys know what twiends is, for those who don't, it's traffic exchange site, but for social media. You can get twitter followers, facebook likes and youtube views there. Most of accounts is fake, but that doesn't matter too much for this method.

    Most of like sellers from fiverr and other sites get likes for their buyers from twiends, so most of fanpages you see there are owned by buyers who PAID to get likes.
    And if they paid for a service once, why they wouldn't pay again? So here you can come in and offer them some better services like fanpage design, better promotion, targeted likes etc.

    Now how to contact them? Just leave a message on fanpage wall or in comments. Normally you can automate all of this, and if you make a bot please share it just like I shared this :)
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    can work but not easy for sure...
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    But if you contact them on the wall, won't it just;

    1. Get covered up by all the other wall posts
    2. Get ignored as the owner doesn't think its serious/doesn't see you as a professional company which they may use if they want to make changes on their page
    3. The owner may not see the comment
    4. They may not have paid for the service, and may not want to.

    If you personall think that none of the above are true, then it would be a good way to make money. Just dont waste your time getting everything set up with you cant see yourself making money afterwards :)
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